Ready! Here Is The Sizzler Inspired To Burn—To Heal. It’s A Steal …?

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From the email:

Seasons come to prepare for harvest and increase. It’s during the ploughing season that God brings issues to light that we need to deal with. He’s getting us prepared for success.

Monday, January 13, 2020 at 4:45 am.

The message?

  • Bitter winter equals Ploughing Time—time for You, O Mighty One, to prepare me to receive and hold on to You not to Your superabundance soon to pour down on me, on Ahmad, on my children, and all of my concern. A Revelation After A Night Of Almost Despair …

Wow! What A Revelation After A Night Of Almost Despair …

Your faithfulness is beyond limits. This bitter winter is getting to both Ahmad and I. His intentions to visit me last night failed, he did not show up. It almost threw me but! You held me steady.

It’s Now A New Day Altogether …

No time to despair. No time for the self-pity’s snare. You are here with and for me. You love me. I love You. Ahmad, my children, and all of my concern love me. That’s the fact to be exact.

Enjoy! Deploy!

Much love to all. thiaBasilia.

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