Laughter Is Not A Euphoric Or Exaggerated State Of Happiness, With No Foundation In Truth Or Reality …

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Your words to demonstrate the fact about suffering would not been as effective as it is now that I am rested and somewhat comfortable, in good spirits, and ready to continue listening to Your instructions.

Wow! How Real You Are. Listening Not Silent …

Indeed! When one’s body and mind are overloaded one cannot think straight. Everybody know that. Everybody have all kinds of suggestions on what to do about it, but!

I Refuse All Such Suggestions Because …?

I have tried them all to no permanent sound results. From the best to the worst in the medical field to the best to the worst in the world at large, nothing at all click together until You let me die like You did to brother Lazarus.

In Other Words? You Must Die In The Tries To Be Alive In Truth Or Reality With No Tries…

Thursday, January 9, 2020 at 7:47 am.

Revelation? Indeed! No more deliberation. Even so I need Your explanation. I have a vague understanding about one’s suffering as stated in the famous ‘Sermon on the Mount’ but!

What is the meaning of suffering in Your agenda, my Master? …

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