Laughter Is Not A Euphoric Or Exaggerated State Of Happiness, With No Foundation In Truth Or Reality …

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Yesterday I sent an email to my daughter. I asked for her to share the latest post with her siblings. The subject line? “sticking my neck to be chopped off!!!”

  • Well? she replies with ‘I am not going to chop your head off! Lol

Now? Take to mind that she did not reply right away. I went to sleep not expecting much from her end. But she is a very, very especial daughter to me because she is almost my replica—she always gets my drift. So, I went to sleep hoping for her reply sooner or later. Next thing? I woke up with ‘thia come forth’ graphic in my mind which I thought to be hilarious considering all written about dietobealive. Did my business. Turn on heat. Before I even sat down, I quickly opened my inbox looking for her reply only to burst up in laughter, thinking, ‘that’s what the graphic is all about. My children and all of my concern are not going to ‘chop my head off! I’m alive! Hahaha! HalleluYah!’

I began to type with one finger while drinking my coffee standing up. No caps. My reply to her reply? Quote:

hahaha! i just woke up. guess what in mind? a graphic. ” heading to the burial grouDns,THIA COME FORTH! THEN MY picture of dancing in the rain!” hahaha. it came to me, if you share it would be tenfold more effective. just wait. don’t give up. it’l come to you. all things happen on his time not ours. on to the burial grounds!!!

Humor Instead Of Anger Or Confusion Or Retaliation …?

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