Does It Have To Be A Reason?

Amazing! These Are The Most Celebrating Days In The USA But! …

This year I do not sense the intensity of such celebration as it was in the past. Maybe it’s just because I am not there, or, because by now all know I do not celebrate such holidays.

Anyhow? The Whole Idea Of Holidays – Seasonal Rituals – Religious Or Secular Gatherings? Out Of My Mind And Heart! …

I am saying this without a smidgen of disdain or ill feelings much less judgmental or tolerant attitude. Simply and without remorse? I don’t live here anymore! You know it my Master.

O me? Master! Now I’ll be? …

O well, my Master, I don’t know how I’ll be received by even my couple of supporters who faithfully help me financially.

I Can’t Hardly Believe How Easily Such Fears Attempt To Distract My Focus On You, But!

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