Does It Have To Be A Reason?

Wow! That’s What Went On My 7th Day Of Rest …

Until 10:08 am. Then? The rest of the day went on creating graphics to update In the natural? It turned out to be a trying day, but! Your strength availed me while things went kaput! End of the gas supply. The hot water kettle quit working. No help to be found. I called Ahmad. He promised to come help, but! It did not happen. Me?

Peace. Your Strength To Withstand It All …

Slept on and off from 7 p .m to 2:30 am. Got up. Put on an extra layer of clothing. Wrapped a scarf around my head and neck. Set myself up to continue my graphics work. Then? Around 6 am?

Ahmad Showed Up With Hot Food And Coffee …

Monday, December 23, 2019 at 12:05 pm.

O my Master! Your faithfulness? Undeniable! All that happened to Ahmad in the last ten days, You revealed it to me to strengthen me to wait on You with patience, confidence, hope. We had a good visit. On another subject?

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