New Post. What To Title It?

Perhaps? Over The Amens To The Written Lines?

It Takes A Lifetime Of Your Discipline To Kiss The Son—To Honor, Submit To Him For Real …? In the meantime? Like our good, righteous Job, we insist in our knowledge of You. We read; we understand what we read; we proceed to live our lives by such knowledge of what we read. Oops! Little Did I Know I Was Only An Educated Fool …

Complete Rest On You. My Today 7th Day Of Rest …

Saturday, December 14, 2019 at 7:41 am.

So especial! Not a feeling. Not a sense. A reality! That’s the way from now on to eternity. Spent the whole day preparing to post these matters.

Your Reward For Coming Into Your Rest Once For All? …

Sunday, December 15, 2019 at 3:23 am.

It’s astonishing the how You demonstrate to me Your reality. No, by all means! I am not imagining things. I slept towards the end of the afternoon. I woke up at the sound of Ahmad’s “Hello!”

  • Ha! I did not move. I kept quiet. I waited. He began to connect the gas tank. I moved to get up. He came to say ‘hello’ again. I took care of my business.
  • Heat on to my delight but I kept quiet. I could not utter a sound. He proceeded to set up the super he brought to eat with me. He urged me to eat. “I’m not hungry. Go ahead.” “I can’t eat by myself.” I took the plate he offered. I helped myself to some of the food. Still, no talk. I waited.
  • He began to talk. “I am wrong. You been right all the time” I could not utter a sound to interrupt his talk in between bites. I was spellbound.
  • “My white heart is of no benefit to me!” Wow! I could have leap for joy, but! I held my piece for a few seconds. My clue to share at last. A quote of my words to him:

“Correct! Your white heart is not only of n benefit, it’s worse! Your white heart is a hindrance. I have always known it. But no one ever understood me. That’s why I cried and cried, until this morning. The gas ran out yesterday. But I did not panic. I no longer question the bad things that come my way. Despite the fact that I was feeling pretty bad, I refuse to question and complain.

I went to bed hoping to rest. Once in bed? The tears began to flow. The reason for my discomfort surfaced. Abandonment! Been abandoned by so many. “Is Ahmad abandoning me?” I wept. I fell asleep. The words in my mouth when I woke up?

No gas. Cold! No sign of help. What am I to do? I respect Your Authority. I refuse to complain. I refuse to question You. I am Your servant not Your Master. I am Your child not Your parent. I forgive Ahmad as You forgive me.

O Ahmad! That’s when I heard His words to me early this morning. Almost audible I clearly heard:

“Get up! Move around! Fix a cup of cinnamon ginger tea. Relax. I am at work.”

Ahmad, your words are a confirmation of His work in your heart. He is at work. We must relax. We must wait to see what happens next.” End of quote.

So Here I Am. Like A Maid Wait For Her Mistress Instructions, So I Wait For Yours …

Sunday, December 15, 2019 at 5:00 am.

The response to yesterday’s post is quite encouraging. Even so? One comment brought me back to the hindrances in my past. Quote:

Amen, Thia.  Many will see it and give glory to Him, the Almighty One.

Slept from 4:41 pm to 9:30 pm better than 4 hours. Great!

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