Lamenting. Complaining. Judging You O Mighty One? …

Thursday, December 12, 2019 at 9:04 am.

What’s the use of getting excited, bent out of shape with this normal situation for this forsaken piece of land? No need. This time? You prepared me; I have water stashed away. No need to call for help that can’t be given.

A Quote Of The Recorded Words You Gave To Me In April 2018 …

Thursday, December 12, 2019 at 9:35 am.

Master? I take this quote as part of the way You are piecing my life together. It’s amazing how Your quotes of past writings confirm Your doings in my life, and? The sobering effect of such quotes. Quote:

As far as I am concerned? You also know it my Father, I am not in the least concerned about any of my needs?

I need a printer, paper, and ink. No problem anymore.

You have set my mind and heart to higher matters, matters pertaining to Your business. Whatever I need?

You supply it for me.

From food to things and people? No need to worry. No need to rush anything. No need for my frantic search either for help or to take things into my own hands.

Yes, the need for certain basic things to live on. The need for money to get those things. The need for people to fellowship with? Is there, but! It no longer consumes me. That’s that. That’s the fact.

  • It’s about the situation whether or not Father is the Author of the words I have written so far. Whether or not His promises are for real or not.
  • My question? Is this area to be restored or is it to be destroyed with the rest of the earth as it is now? The answer?

Father sent me to re-read Yedidah’s account of the matter. This account is by far the only accurate present account of this matter revealed to Yedidah

Who is Yedidah and how Father connected and disconnected me from Yedidah? That’s another intricate story, but! As I read her article on,

  • Edom, Petra And The Regathering And Preservation Of All The Tribes Of Israel In The Last Days

Amazing! My dilemma? Gone forever! I see now a clearer picture of the future of this deprived area in the skirts of Amman, Jordan.

As I sit under the early morning shining sun on the roof this wonderful apartment my Father has gifted to me?

I vision all roofs now crowded with disgusted clutter in a totally different view. As far as my eyes can reach, I see renovated buildings.
I see luscious vegetables and flowers gardens to my delight. I see playing children in safe areas suited for their ages. I see joyful faces occupied in the keeping of the gardens, and?

My being soars high! Up and up to the Presence of my Master to be alone with Him. Alone and aloof from all distractions in gloom or glee! Father? In silence I worship Thee.

I thank my Father for my and Ahmad’s restored health, but most of all? I thank You for Your victory, Your favor, Your love, Your peace, Your joy, and Your matchless, unbroken companionship!

Dear Reader, what will I post today? Perhaps the links to the three posts written since I posted last. I’ll see what Father leads me to do as the day advances.

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  1. pat bruno
    14 Dec 2019

    Amen, Thia. Many will see it and give glory to Him, the Almighty One.

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