Born Dead To Talk And Talk And Endlessly Keep Talking About Life?

It Represents The Strength Within – That You Didn’t Even Know Existed …

Wow! Your strength! I never knew You had invested Your strength unto me to submit unto You 100% whether I understand or not Your ways to deal with me, but! such is the fact. Quote:

“My child—My beloved Thia fasting is a life of self-denial and you have learned to live such a life. You are performing exactly as I decreed for you to perform. And in due time you will see the evidence of the miracles that have taken place on account of your fasting or self-denial.

“My child—My beloved Thia fear not for I know and I am well aware of your feelings of despondency because you do not possess the visible proof of the amazing miracles that some of My servants possess. I know that such has been a major block in your walk with Me.

“Yet My child—My beloved Thia you have continued to serve and obey Me even when it was out of your understanding for you had no knowledge of My ways.

“And even now when you have no proof whatsoever of the position that you are holding in My Kingdom you continue in My service totally submitted to My Being! Not many are privileged with such strength—My strength. And you are entitled to My blessing to the assembly of Philadelphia.

“And there are others in this assembly who will come into the knowledge of belonging to such assembly as I reveal it to them when you share these writings.

Well, My Master? Dietobealive.Com Or? Self-Denial …

Monday, December 9, 2019 at 6:56 pm.

O my Master! Your ways are so unpredictable it’s useless to try to figure them out. I been wondering how I was to launch the book. Now? I know.

Dietobealive.Com Is No Doubt The Most Appropriate Site To Launch It …

Tuesday, December 10, 2019 at 1:45 am.

Master? You have absolutely transformed me. I am now the person I always aspired to be to no avail. You had to put me through the process of purification. It was necessary for You to fill me to capacity. Quote:

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