Born Dead To Talk And Talk And Endlessly Keep Talking About Life?

Come On Now? What Life Are We Talking About?

I Am Living The Future’s Life By The Unknown Power Of Your Love And Wisdom …? No need to talk about. Only need is to share it as the witness of Your Presence within me doing the work of my transformation I could not do myself. By faith shall the just live.

This Been Quite A Day To Catch Up …

Monday, December 9, 2019 at 5:07 pm.

O my Master! what things You are reminding to me. It came to me to find out whether the computer is compromised. I have a feeling someone is controlling whatever I do in the computer.

Today it came to me to investigate the matter. I found out that in fact there is something that has been there for a few years, but I found no solution.

Next? SiteGround, my server is in the process to change their whole setup. They been announcing the change but I had not follow up until today. Talking about mind blogging?

But in the process, it came to me to check the second site that originally, I intended it to be my Author’s site, but! I have completely abandoned that site. You have led me in a different way.

Even so? You brought me back to it today, whatever for? Top of the page? My dream or vision of killing a large snake with my bare hands. Quote:

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