Am I Looking For Your Approval? Are You Looking For My Approval? …

Do I Feel You Are Trying To Convince Me. Do You Feel I Am Trying To Convince You? …

No Problem! That’s Human, And? Surprise! We Are Humans ….

No kidding! We are all humans …

Thursday, October 10, 2019 at 8:55 am.

No kidding! We are all humans. Basically, we think and feel alike, but! We rally ourselves in the fact that we are all a ‘little different’. Hahaha!

I’m Having Me Some Fun Indeed! A ‘Little Different’? …

A ‘Little Different’? What an understatement! Me? I feel smug right now. Why? The truth? I don’t know why I feel smug about making fun of our human ways, but! It’s something that’s natural with me.

Hey! Maybe. O Maybe! Could It Be My ‘Gift From Above’? C’mon! Give Some Slack! …

Here is the scoop. In my social interchange? I talk, talk, talk, and? Talk some more. It seems that all I want is to convince or impose myself upon others not giving them a chance to do the same to me.

Ha! That’s The Truth In A Nut Shell, But! …?

The real truth about me? I been Tried. Purified. Refined. Chosen On High Seas or? Should I say, Hot waters? Or? The furnace of affliction?

No Kidding! But The Same Is Truth About You Et All, Only? …

We are ‘a little different’! Hum! I should say, a LOT different! And that’s what makes me laugh now more than ever before. Why? because!

Little Did I Know 33 Years Ago …?

About all that ‘Tried. Purified. Refined.’ Affair! If I would have known? I would have never gone there! That’s for sure!

But ‘FATHER’ Knows Best. That’s The Truth For The Rest …

O my Master! How simply You are unraveling all suffering, evil, corruption and whatever we must go through to shape us as genuine human beings. Otherwise?

Perish The Thought! We Would Have Been Just Like Rabbits Eating Carrots And Making Babies …?

Hahaha! That just came to me! Master? You are funny. We would have replenished the earth with rabbits digging for carrots. And no one to plant those carrots!

No One To Tend To The Garden …?

Isn’t that funny? But Master? Couldn’t You had come up with something different than that evil monster You use to Try. Purify. Refine these humans You created to be loved to love? I wonder.

Ooo! It’s written, quote:

And if we are His children, then we are His heirs also: heirs of Our Creator and fellow heirs with Messiah sharing His inheritance with Him; only we must share His suffering if we are to share His esteem.

But what of that? For I consider that the sufferings of this present time (this present life) are not worth being compared with the esteem that is about to be revealed to us and in us and for us and conferred on us!

For even the whole creation (all nature) waits expectantly and longs earnestly for Our Creator’s sons to be made known waits for the revealing, the disclosing of their sonship.

For the creation (nature) was subjected to frailty (to futility, condemned to frustration), not because of some intentional fault on its part, but by the will of Him Who so subjected it—yet with the hope  that nature (creation) itself will be set free from its bondage to decay and corruption and gain an entrance into the esteemed freedom of Our Creator’s children.

We know that the whole creation of irrational creatures has been moaning together in the pains of labor until now.

And not only the creation, but we ourselves too, who have and enjoy the firstfruits of the Set Apart Spirit a foretaste of the blissful things to come groan inwardly as we wait for the redemption of our bodies from sensuality and the grave, which will reveal our adoption (our manifestation as Our Creator’s sons).

For in this hope we were saved. But hope the object of which is seen is not hope. For how can one hope for what he already sees?

But if we hope for what is still unseen by us, we wait for it with patience and composure.

Honest To Goodness! I Am Not Trying To Convince, Convert, Or Change Anyone Anymore…

O but You know it, my Master. I talk, talk, talk, and talk some more to share not to convince, convert, or change anyone, but only to share what You reveal and compel me to share with Your people

You Are A Loving Father Not A Tyrant. Your Wisdom? Unfathomable, But! …

Friday, October 11, 2019 at 5:06 am.

We humans have taken it upon ourselves to judge You. The worst? To outguess Your wisdom. To gain the advantage over You by cleverness or forethought—to outwit You.

How True! How Emphatically The Humans Deny Such Truth …

Therefore? The human becomes really touchy about the subject. Everybody is in the defense or push mode, but!

We Do Not Realize That We Are Either Pushing Or Defending Ourselves, Why? …

Friday, October 11, 2019 at 7:02 am.

Why? because we are humans. We possess a mind of our own. We always do what we think is best, and? Push our best on others or, defend ourselves because our best does not agree with the pushers’ best.

What A Revelation! Have I Figure Out Those Matters On My Own? Nay! …

O my Master! Honestly, You have opened my eyes to see my error or my sin since You called me into Your service in 1985. Now? I neither push or defend. I share whatever You compel me to share.

What About ‘Unconditional’ Love? The Unbiased Truth …

To claim unconditional love means a love without limitations or restrains. As romantic as such seems to be, it is a misleading term to say the least. Why?

Limitations And Restrains Are Necessary To Truly Love …?

Friday, October 11, 2019 at 4:24 pm.

Master? This is a crucial subject. I do not want to write anything about it bound to my former bias. I wait on You for a clue to write verbatim what it comes from You.

Hey! About The Graphics …

Friday, October 11, 2019 at 4:29 pm.

I been working on this graphic the whole day. But You know it my Master. You have given me to create the perfect background, but I am stuck on how to add the text. I wait on You.

  • Those are mini books my Master inspires unto me. Windows into my soul to illustrate the content of whatever is written there.

Master? It’s Another Day But You Know It …?

Will it be another day of waiting, my Master? I weary of waiting to no avail, but! You sustain me. So? I loose my temper with inconsiderate selfish people.

Do I Worry About It? I Do For A Moment, Then? …

I fume in anger. I think of all the sort of things I’ll say and do to retaliate. Suddenly! I hear, “The people do not consider you, but! You do not consider them.”

Pause. Reflect. I Do Not Consider Them? …

Hum! I never thought about it, my Master, but! You are so ever right! I just think of what I need. Other people’s needs? Maybe as an afterthought.

Yeap! An Afterthought—A Thought After You Have Them Supply For Me …

Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 1:11 am.

Ha! So that’s the lesson You have taught me about my outburst of anger today. Wow! Help! My Master! Help! How can I consider the aggressor infringing pain and discomfort to me?

  • Sleep?

Not Possible With Me, But! With You …?

Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 4:20 am.

All things ARE possible. Master? I am not angry anymore. Your wisdom is prevailing me, but! I feel so sad! I wish to cry but my eyes are dry. I come to You for help.

Automatically The Tears Begin To Flow Along With Blessings …

Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 9:38 am.

I lift up my voice to plead for blessings for my Ahmad. I implore forgiveness for my lack of consideration for my beloved son.

Automatically As Well Your Peace Along With Power To Overcome My Sadness Returns To My Soul …

What an amazing way to lead and teach me Your ways. I am now enjoying Your peace that surpasses all understanding.

Afternoon Ends. No Clue Of What’s Going On Out Here, Perhaps …

Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 6:34 pm.

Perhaps whatever is going on out there is not any of my business. Thanks, O thanks my Master! It feels good to mind my own business—to let You mind Yours. One more graphic completed, I think.

All Things Are Working Together For Our Not Just For Mine Good …

Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 7:23 pm.

With that thought in mind? I’ll try to sleep again. It’s the end of one more 7th Day of Rest. I remain resting in You for all matters and purposes.

Your Power To Overcome Is A Mystery To Me …

Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 9:13 pm.

Actually? You are a mystery to me despite Your undeniable Presence within me and in all details of my life. I see the futility in this worldly life. Is inevitable to see it.

What I Don’t See? Inevitable Troubles Me, But! …

I must endure by that unfathomable power of love You have invested on me. Moreover? I must proclaim that matter I do not yet see. Why? Because You compel me to do so.

What Is It That I Don’t See, My Master? Why It Troubles Me? …

Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 9:47 pm.

I’m going back to bed. Need to reflect. I wait on You. Slept for 3 more hours. Woke up about an hour ago on this next day. My body in pain. My mind at peace.

I Am Not Appealing To Any Human Being For Help. I Am Appealing To You …

Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 2:27 am.

This is to be my year of Jubilee. All my debts forgotten. Yet? The agony of painful misery continues to drive me insane.

No Matter. In Sickness Or In Health I Refuse To Doubt You …?

It’s so easy to believe in You when things are going well, but! With the least twitch of pain? I wail in doubt of You. Even so?

You Are Teaching Me The Difference Between Lip And Genuine Service …

That’s the difference I do not see around me. That’s what troubles me. Master? Where am I at in that issue. Am I concerned with others thinking I am only giving You lip service as I see it done around me?

Ha! I Get It! My Only Concern Should Be Your Approval Of Me …

Wow! How easy it is to stumble on the trap of human’s approval. The fear of rejection is innate in my human nature. Wow!

So? That’s The Fear That Troubles Me With Ahmad’s Absence …

And that’s what I have not been able to see until now that You are revealing it to me. Funny thing! When things go well between Ahmad and me that fear lurks away, but! It remains at bay, until?

The Next Negative Episode Pops Up …?

It’s been a vicious circle not only with my gifted son but with all my relationships in the past. And here is fitting to talk about the new trend of ‘Unconditional Love’.

‘Unconditional Love’ The Human’s Solution To Human’s Rejection …

Wow! The wounds we inflict upon each other because of the fear of rejection are monumental to the point of insanity.

‘Unconditional Love’ Is The Insane Reaction To The Fear Of Rejection …

Wow! So that’s how I am to expose this monstrous issue that’s on fire from all angles of the human life. The worst of it all?

To Confuse Moral Laws And Conditions With Tyranny and You …?

How far from the Loving Mighty One that You are, but! That does not rattle Your Mighty love and unfathomable wisdom to create and discipline or mold us into Your image.

Create And Discipline Or Mold Someone …?

Isn’t that what we parents do with our children? Hahaha! What a revelation! We certainly knock ourselves out to discipline our children in an attempt to mold them in our image.

Unfortunately? Our Children Grow Up To Do Whatever Suits Them To Be The Best …

O my Master! Exactly Your predicament with us Your children doing whatever we think is best. And what is what we think is best is?

Unconditional Love. No Discipline. No Conditions. No Rules …?

Ah but You are not a man that we should judge You like one. Yes, there is a comparison between Your ways and our ways. No doubt about that comparison. Quote:

And have you completely forgotten the sacred word of appeal and encouragement in which you are reasoned with and addressed as sons?

My son, do not think lightly or scorn to submit to the correction and discipline of the Master, nor lose courage and give up and faint when you are reproved or corrected by Him; for the Master corrects and disciplines everyone whom He loves, and He punishes, even scourges, every son whom He accepts and welcomes to His heart and cherishes.

You must submit to and endure correction for discipline; the Almighty is dealing with you as with sons. For what son is there whom his father does not thus train and correct and discipline?

Now if you are exempt from correction and left without discipline in which all of the Almighty’s children share, then you are illegitimate offspring and not true sons at all.

Moreover, we have had earthly fathers who disciplined us and we yielded to them and respected them for training us. Shall we not much more cheerfully submit to the Father of spirits and so truly live?

For our earthly fathers disciplined us for only a short period of time and chastised us as seemed proper and good to them; but He disciplines us for our certain good, that we may become sharers in His own set-apartness.  End of quote.

  • Reading the whole chapter after witnessing the results of the Spirit at work within me? It should encourage anyone tenfold to be whatever that one is created to be.
  • To bed at 3:59 am. Could not sleep. This time? Joyfully absorbing what You have in Your mind for this area and how Ahmad and I fit in Your plan of restoration.

Back To ‘Unconditional Love’ The Aim? Break All Restrains …

Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 4:51 am.

Master? You know all about my shock to come face to face with what this wave of ‘unconditional love’ is bringing ashore—Pollyanna relationships, living together without legal commitment, homosexuality, nothing is wrong or right, tolerance of immorality in lieu of Unconditional Love.

Strange. The First Trade In This Wave? Sexual Immorality …

Hahaha! It just came to me, this should be called, Immoral Love Instead Of Unconditional Love, but! I guess that would be brutal honesty not as appealing to sophisticated souls engaged in this wave.

But Really? What Is The Aim Of This ‘Unconditional Love’?

O The Trickery Of Our Human Minds! To Break All misunderstood restrains imposed by the tyrant ‘God’ they have made You out to be is the aim of this ‘Unconditional Love’.

Your Aim? To Restore Us To The Original Intent For Our Creation To Be Loved To Love In Return …

That’s the truth and reality of the matter, but! YOU, Ever Existent O Mighty One of Israel are still in control of it all, and? You compel me now to let go of all concerns about this and all issues going on with Your people.

As You Compel All Fears Are Dispelled …

I can now post this matter to encourage not to discourage. I no longer have an opinion or bias in all that I write. I am only reporting what applies to me in all written in the Scriptures misnomer the Bible. On to post.

On to post.

Enjoy! Deploy!

Much love to all.

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