We Talking About Learning Marketing My Way. Most Important Thing?

We Talking About Learning Marketing My Way. Most Important Thing?

Alright! Practice makes perfect. The slider and colors leave much to be desired. I’m working on it. Soon? The perfection–the effectiveness of the site/content? It’ll be? Breathtaking to my own delightful surprise! No telling what the Master Designer is leading me into! Hope. Hope. Hope. Keep the hope with me. It’s fun/funny/joy/Joyful!

Back To Marketing. The Product Must Be Genuine. I’m The Product. Am I Genuine? …

Wednesday, July 24, 2019 at 10:44 am.

Yes I am! How can I say that? I daily flaunt all my insidious faults. I offend more humans than I care to talk about. I’m overwhelming. I am self-centered big time, but!

A Long Time Ago? The Master Revealed To Me The Secret To Genuineness …

Along with many souls, my forever request of the Master used to be: ‘Make me into what I am to be!’ O it felt so right to ask for such a thing, until? The Master finally answered me!

I Talk To My Father. He Talks To Me. Or? Is It The Other Way Around? …

Sometimes in my most pious days, I would be going on with my perennial litany: “Make me into what You want me to be.” Suddenly! I hear,

“What is it My child that you want Me to make you into? I already made you a human being. Go! Be a genuine human being! Renounce that distasteful hypocrisy of yours! Why do you want to be super good? Is it not for your own selfish gain?”

Okay! I’ll be but! How can I be ‘genuine’?

  1. I rack my brains trying to be.
  2. Only to find out I am not!
  3. It does not make sense, O my Father—O Father of mine!
  4. I have no clarity.
  5. I have no competence.
  6. I have no confidence.
  7. O! my doom for sure! Or? Am I talking or writing nonsense?

“Yeah, O thiaBasilia—O child of My heart, for sure you just recorded seven sentences of nonsense! Clarity. Competence. Confidence?

I have handed it all to you in the silver platter of the power of My love and wisdom from on high.

So, quit your nonsense. Go on with the task I have assigned on to you.

In case you have been sidetracked by the wiles of your imagination, let Me renew your mind: …

There You Have It! The Master Has Renewed My Mind. I’m Now ‘Genuine’ …

What’s the Master’s aim to renew my mind—to make me genuine? Ha! Not for me to brag about it, but! For Him to offer to all the genuine product He has made out of me. What a marvel!

Alright! So It’s Not Marketing My Way At All …

I just said that to get you hooked in case you could? O well! I was trying to be non-religious. I learned that from all the marketeers in my inbox. Duh!

No Matter. We’ll Go On With This Genuine Marketing From Now On …

Here is the link for you to read the rest of story: We Talking About Learning Marketing My Way Most Important Thing

Enjoy! Deploy!

Much love to all, thiaBasilia.

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