Go On And On! Onward! Never Backwards!

A Message I Must Link To This Post …?

While formatting this record? You led me to check a headline in my inbox. I had tears in my eyes as I listen to such an amazing message for the USA.

It’s Your Message confirming what this site is all about. I Must Post It Ahead Of This Post …?

Dear human fellow, I am no longer doing tings as for what I think is best to gain popularity. Whatever I do now? I do it because I must obey my Master regardless anything else. Here is the link, hope it works.



Family Restored. Anger. Hate. Sorrow. And Sighing Shall Flee Away …?

The Blissful Future In Toll For Us All! …

Unexpected Versus Analysis …?

No Need To Analyse A Miracle. No Need To Ignore It Either …

Will Work On Graphics For A Spell …?

Sunday, March 3, 2019 at 2:00 pm.

When I get into graphics? It certainly is a spell! The hours go by unnoticed. Graphics for me? No need to waste my time analyzing the matter. Just have fun!

Must I Label The Matter? Must I Analyze It? …

Whatever for? Why waste my creative imagination analyzing my behavior? Whatever for the brilliant minds of the present engage in such a waste of time?

Waste Of Time? Analyze Human Behavior …?

OF COURSE! We humans are in a constant state of analyzation. Success depends on analyzation. Psychoanalysis is practically a house-hold word. And all for what?

For The Advance Of Civilization? Duh! …

The Advance Of Civilization? Duh! Bless my heart! It took me half of my lifetime to quit advancing civilization! Hahaha! Now?

Quit It! For Mine And All’s Benefit …

Dear fellow human being, no kidding, I was a stalwart for knowledge and civilization, until? The power of love and wisdom from on high?

Descended On This Educated Fool …?

Indeed! Love and wisdom to drill my thick skull. Then? Pour some sense into my polluted brains. WHAT? My brains polluted?

Indeed! The Human Brain Polluted? It’s A Fact …?

That’s what! No matter how indignant offended anyone gets for the most? No way to deny a fact. The human brain is programmed to call evil good and good evil, period. So?

We Find Ourselves In The Colossal Confusion Of These Days …?

Confusion? Just watch the so called ‘news’. Read the headlines. Visit Google—The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil.

Ah! But You Are Not Confused? Think Again …?

Ignorance is not a bliss. Just because you choose to ignore it all? It does not make it go away at all. Things are getting worse by the hour sometimes, but!

The Ever Existent One Creator Of Our Beings Is Not Sleeping …

Monday, March 4, 2019 at 11:46 am

O my Father? I see now the reason for Your sadness within my heart. So much You have for us! The immensity of Your wealth at our disposal? It does not fit in the human mind. So?

We Humans Struggle Chasing After That Mirage Of Material Wealth …?

True. Many manage to turn that mirage into water, but! At what price? The price of their souls—the price of Living Water to sustain them eternally. Even so?

  • Behold The Ever Existent One Creator Of Our Beings! …
  • Behold! The Power Of His Love & Wisdom
  • Behold! The fiery fervent flames of love for His creation to warm our cold hearts.
  • Behold! His unfathomable wisdom to overcome it all!
  • Behold! The Plan Of Restoration To The Original Intent For Our Creation? Now Revealed—Loved To Love.
  • Behold! His Cherish Family Forever To be!
  • Behold! The theme for my life.
  • Behold! What makes the site unique/genuine.
  • Behold! The Family Restoration!
  • Behold! The Family Restoration …

O my Father? So much to behold, but! Your children remain aloof from such beholding. They are too busy chasing the status quo to measure up in this world.

I Wish To Cry But My Eyes Are Dry …

It’s now Monday, March 4, 2019 at 1:21 pm.

Why do I wish to cry? O my Father, to tell the truth? I do not know exactly why, but! I am sure now, You will show me why and more. For the moment? I’ll try to sleep.

No Kidding! Now I Know Why? …

Monday, March 4, 2019 now at 6:34 pm.

Another one of those days when, in waking up I don’t know whether is morning or night. I woke up at almost 6 pm but I thought it was 6 am. I was waiting for the sunshine to appear. Meanwhile?

I Got The Answer To My Dilemma …?

I woke up in pain—my whole body hurt. I didn’t know what to do or what to drink to alleviate my suffering, but! It came to me to drink my ginseng drink. Then? No coffee for a few days. Next?

I Sat In Front Of The Heater To Drink And? I Heard Quite Clear:

“In the near future money and University degree will amount to nothing. Family and relationships built by My power of love and wisdom will be the only thing to avail.”

Wow! The Answer To My Dilemma Before Sleep Came My Way …?

Earlier? I learned Ahmad’s trouble—his obsession with the University degree for his children. He feels if his children are not #number 1 candidates for the coveted University degree? They’ll be doomed to shame.

No University Degree? Doomed To Shame And Disgrace …?

Such an attitude? Threw me for a loop of anger and hate as I considered the egocentric human nature not just in Ahmad but! Ingrained in all of us human beings.

Anger And Hate? The Thing I Refuse To Tolerate Within My Being, but! …

Behold! My Father’s answer to my plea to help me came through big time. He gave me to sleep for almost 5 hours. Then?

He Let Me Hear The Answer That Shall Penetrate Many Afflicted Souls …

Wow! Anger? Hate? Not a trace of such demons to trouble and disturb me any longer. The peace that surpasses my human understanding returned to my soul. Next?

What To Do For My Painful Body …?

Detox my body. Ginseng honey—hot water for 3 days. I will start tomorrow. Today I must consume the rest of my breakfast and my fruit salad.

Detox My Body? Only A Hearing From My Human Brain …?

Tuesday, March 5, 2019 at 7:57 am.

Yeap! It happens all the time. I hear that lovely voice from within my being? I take off on my own from there on. What am I talking about?

Talking About My Human Tendency To Assume Things Out …?

Been composing a mail out for my children, but! I decided to include others. Perhaps I better not include others? I’ll delete others.

Why Did I Assumed Others To Be Included In A Mail To My Children?

That’s The Ticket To Watch The Saga Of My Carnal Doings …?

Tuesday, March 5, 2019 now at 3:14 pm.

O my Father? Been trying to ignore the pain all over my body, but! I just can’t ignore it any longer. It’s not just the pain, it’s also the cold—my hands and feet are like ice.

Then? The Strange Feeling As Dizziness, And Light-Headiness.

Fear of not knowing what to do? Not knowing what’s the cause for these flare ups in my body? I called Ahmad for help, but! He has not yet arrived.

I Turned On The Heater. Bewildered? …

I fixed me a cup of coffee. At least my hands and feet have warm up, but! I never realized what was happening. Never gave a thought to my carnal doings. So?

Finally? I Decided To Bring The Situation To My Father …?

O my Father! Frances and Jimmy are in Jerusalem. They can’t come to Amman. They asked me to come to Jerusalem, but! I cannot go to Jerusalem.

What’s The Meaning Of These Turn Of Events, My Father? …

You are in control of it all. Even so? You know the tendency of my human nature is to enter into a state of fear. Not able to go to Jerusalem?

What About If I Get Into A Helpless State?

Who would take care of me? Help me, my Father! Help me! I know You have a good plan for me. I beseech You to give me a clue. It’s now 3:51 pm. I hear thunder. Perhaps I should turn off the computer.

Meanwhile? I Felt Remorse Because Ahmad Could Be Drenched In The Storm, And?

Sure enough. I ask for my Father to protect Ahmad. While I asked? I realized that I had acted in fear. Thus? I had exposed Ahmad to danger unnecessarily. Even so?

O My Father? You Did Not Condemn Me. Instead …?

Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at 1:07 am.

O my Father? You open my eyes to see Your reality. For You know when I sit. You know when I stand. You know what I am going to say before I say it.

  • You know my thoughts afar off, before I even think of them, and?

You Are In Control Of It All Regardless …?

I asked You for a clue about Your plan for me. For an answer? It seems to me that in the short interchange I had with Frances You gave me that clue, but!

My Imagination …?

O my Father, I beseech You! deliver me from making castles in the air. Deliver me from outguessing Your answers.

Perhaps It’s Your Clue, But My Ideas About It? …

Deliver me from thinking that You will put in Frances heart to raise the monies needed to develop Your plan to return my wealth as You promised to do.

Sure Enough? I Began My Litany Of Needs …?

  • You know better than I do the immediate need for an automobile for Ahmad.
  • You know what is needed to buy this building.
  • You know what is needed to transform this roof into the indoor edible garden You promised to me, but!
  • I am at my wits end. You know it. Been sitting here for an hour not knowing what to do?
  • My right leg and arm to my neck and head? It all hurts. Especially my upper arm. I can hardly type.
  • Help me! O help me, my Father! Help me!
  • You know exactly what I need to do to for my body.
  • You know exactly what You are doing to restore my health and my wealth.
  • You know exactly what I need to do right now.
  • I’ll sit here to wait on You.

It’s now Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at 2:47 am

I will prepare for bed now. I ate what You led me to eat. Not much drink. I’ll see. Thanks, my Father. Three hours of sleep did me good. Ready now to start my day refreshed in Your mercy.

It’s now Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at 6:39 am.

You Always Lead Me Despite My Goof Ups ….?

Yes, at my wits end, earlier this morning, not knowing what to do or what to eat or drink? You led me to drink the honey apple cider vinegar without coffee.

Not A Mention Of Detox! Instead? …

You led me to eat my crispy bread plus the avocado half saturated with lemon and salt. It worked! Next? I felt sleepy. You led me to prepare to sleep.

Trust? Dependence? Do Not Get Stuck In Systematic Living …?

I slept soundly. Now? Your purpose for these flare ups? To learn to avoid getting stuck to depend in any kind of system to live by but to flow with Your Spirit.

Wow! What A Lesson …?

It’s now Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at

Since You led me on what to drink/eat at that moment earlier this morning before I went to sleep? O well! When I first woke up, I prepared to do a repeat, but!

This Time? I Began To Wonder …?

Should drink coffee or just my vinegar honey water? I figured I should prepare the same avocado mixture. I figured one thing or the other, and?

The Best! I Figured To Consult With Google…?

I figured on the usual thing You lead me to do lots of time—search Google for the coffee relating to dehydration. Oops! This time? NO GOOGLE! Hahaha!

I Am In Control Of Google. What?…

O thiaBasilia—O Child Of My Heart? Have you been living in My Presence all these years since I called you to follow Me in 1985, and still? You have not learned? Even so?

In The Economy Of Your Life? I Do Not Waste A Second …?

I have carefully arranged all good and evil in the journey of each one of My children including in your journey.

Why Have I Not Eliminated The Evil In Your Doings …?

For the same reason that I gave you a will of your own to choose life or death.

  • I planted The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil.
  • I also planted the Tree Of Life.
  • I commanded you what not to eat.
  • I warned you what would happen should you eat despite My commandment, but!
  • I Created You In My Image.
  • My Image Is Not Me But Like Me. So?
  • You inherited My intellect and My nature.

Even So? I Created You As My Child Not As My Parent …?

Regardless! My wisdom is unfathomable. I knew in the process of molding you into My image? You will attempt to be My parent, but!

In No Way I Would Allow You To Succeed In Your Attempts To Shake Off My Parental Authority …?

Yes! It saddens Me to see you suffering in your attempts to take care of yourselves disregarding My Authority as a Parent over you, but! I am not worried.

I Am Only Waiting. Waiting On What?

Waiting on each one of My children to come to the realization of My infinite mercy and loving kindness for each one of My beloved children.

Thus, My Child? Thus Is The Reason For My Dealings In Your Life …?

As I am dealing with you? I am dealing with each one of My children. Even so? O thiaBasilia—O Child Of My Heart? Only wait a little while longer. You in for the surprise of your life!

Wait I Say, Wait! I Love You With Everlasting Love …?

For a small moment I turned My face from you, but! I have now gathered you to Myself again never to let you go. My hold on you? I have gifted you with child-like obedience. Therefore?

Your Child Like Obedience? It’s My Delight! My Delight In Your Child Like Obedience?

It’s your power and strength to overcome the most strenuous of circumstances the world could hand to you. O thiaBasilia—O Child Of My Heart?

Rejoice And Be Glad! I Am With You And For You. You Are Blessed …?

No fears. No worries. No problems that I cannot resolve. You are blessed indeed! The best part? Your blessings are blessing all beyond the scope of your imagination.

That’s My Word For You To Hold On. To Overcome …?

It’s My Word for you on this Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at 10:00 am. Otherwise? The 10th hour on this 6th day of this 2019 or the Jubilee year for My beloved human children.

  • Remember the meaning of number 10? What was to happen is really, really happening now.
  • Remember the meaning of number 6? The Number Six – Natural Man, Sin, and Slavery. So?

What Was To Happen It’s Really, Really Happening To End Man’s Slavery …?

Go on! O thiaBasilia—O Child Of My Heart? Go on and on! Onward! Never backwards! Only a little while longer for you to experience the end of man’s slavery. End of quote, but!

It’s now Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at 4:44 pm.

A Message I Must Link To This Post …?

While formatting this record? You led me to check a headline in my inbox. I had tears in my eyes as I listen to such an amazing message for the USA.

It’s Your Message. I Must Post It Ahead Of This Post …?

Dear human fellow, I am no longer doing tings as for what I think is best to gain popularity. Whatever I do now? I do it because I must obey my Master regardless anything else. Here is the link, hope it works.


Much love, thiaBasilia.

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