One thing we don’t know about anger. Horrifying. Incredible but?…

Powerful. Effortless. Absolute Life-Changing Forever!

Even So? It’s All About Timing ….?

From The Dining Room In My Soul …

Saturday, 27 October 2018 at 5:31 am.

Wow! It’s All About Timing? How true. For the longest? I been writing, publishing, and optimizing like crazy! Sometimes I get somewhat of a response. Most times? ZILT! Nothing!

I check many posts. I click many headlines. So many thousands of comments and likes, but! My posts? O man! Enough for me to give up. Regardless?

O my Father? You Never Give Me Any More Than What I Can Take ….?

That’s the fact. My appetite is not back. I am still hurting. Even so? I remain waiting on You. Whatever for? What do I expect from You, my Father?

O well! I am now convinced my help comes from You. Whether You use a human being or give to me the strength, the ability to help myself?

You are the originator of it all. I am also convinced of Your timing. I am convinced of Your Sovereign Majesty. Even so, as I wrote not long ago?

Regardless My Own Conviction? Fact Is Fact As It Is Written.

That’s the fact—what it’s written regardless my convictions, the opinions and staunch beliefs of the most respectable human beings as well as those of the public? Fact as it is written.

It is written, Ecclesiastes 12:11-14

The words of the wise are like prodding goads, and firmly fixed [in the mind] like nails are the collected sayings which are given [as proceeding] from one shepherd. But about going further [than the words given by one shepherd], my son, be warned. Of making many books there is no end [so do not believe everything you read], and much study is a weariness of the flesh.

How True! Me? I Quit It All Since 1985. Now?

I only hear the speakers and teachers, but! No need to struggle to listen to anything not coming by one shepherd—my Father/Creator!

He brought me into His Presence. He longs to bring you into His Presence, dear Reader of these lines. The Father/Creator longs to bring all His created children back to him, back home where we belong.

Only In The Father/Creator We Can Find True Rest, Joy And Peace as it’s written….?

All Has Been Heard; The End Of The Matter Is:

  • Fear The Almighty [Revere And Worship Him, Knowing That He Is].
  • Keep His Commandments
  • For This Is The Whole Of Man [The Full, Original Purpose Of His Creation
  • The Object Of Almighty Yahuwah’s Providence.
  • The Root Of Character
  • The Foundation Of All Happiness
  • The Adjustment To All Inharmonious Circumstances And Conditions Under The Sun And The Whole Duty For Every Man

For The Almighty Shall Bring Every Work Into Judgment, With Every Secret Thing, Whether It Is Good Or Evil.

Proverbs 14:26-29

  • In The Reverent And Worshipful Fear Of The Master There Is Strong Confidence, And His Children Shall Always Have A Place Of Refuge
  • Reverent And Worshipful Fear Of The Master Is A Fountain Of Life, That One May Avoid The Snares Of Death. [Joh_4:10, Joh_4:14

Father? You Must Do The Work.

Indeed! My gaze must be set on You—the only One Who is able to set that gaze of mine. You must do the work.

Myself? My Works? My Flesh Or Human Nature? No good!

From the sole of my feet to the crown of my head? Sick! There is no soundness or health in my body or my soul—but wounds and bruises and fresh and bleeding stripes.

I Know! I Hear The Rebuke! Self-Worth? In The Head Lines Big Time, But…?

In vain I thought for relief amid this insanity ridden world. Lasting help is not to be found in this world, that’s for sure.

It’s proven by the countless souls under care crowding the Mental Health waiting areas. The Mental Health Hospitals? Booming! Why?

Timing! Timing To Come To Terms With The One Thing We Don’t Know About Anger ….?

WHO is the object for our anger? Why are we angry? Zillion of articles are written about anger, and? I have probably read half that number! Hahaha! Just kidding, but! It feels close to it.

Why I keep searching for information about anger for the last day or so? Ha! After all those years under the power of that monster called ANGER? I heard:

“Why Are You Angry At Me?”

What? Angry at You? What are You talking about? Wow! It all came clear to me. “Go back to the beginning of your history. Your history begins with Cain in Genesis 4:5.”

Amazing! Light Over The Chaos Engulfing Us Human Beings …?

No! I Am not a Scholar, Researcher, Philosopher Or Indian-Chief by a long shot, but! The Almighty Father/Creator has chosen to reveal these amazing things to me of no such reputation whatsoever. Hahaha!

Despite my lack of higher education as well as a classy birth, what am I required to do? Write. Publish. Optimize whatever the Father/Creator compels me to do. The Father/Creator is doing the rest. Why?

The Wisdom And Power In His Timing ….?

In His timing He reveals to each one of us what we need to know to avail us for eternity. First revelation for me?

ANGER Was At The Core Of All My Life’s Sufferings!

Discovery! Only In My Father/Creator I Can Find the help I searched for all my life. Help. True Rest. Joy. Peace?

Found in the Presence of my Father within me. Sitting in the Throne in the centre of my being? He leads my steps. He controls my thoughts and feelings.

His timely question, “Why are you angry at Me?” Me? Angry at you? Yeah, my Father. You are right. Only I was not able to confess such mighty infraction to my knowledge or concept I had about You.

O! O! O! I never saw it like that, my Father, but! Isn’t that the case with all Your children? Whatever concept about You has been ingrained in our minds? We know You exist, but!

We Know You Exist But We Do Not Know You ….?

Wow! Now the light shines in the darkness of my soul! Phew! What a relief! To see Your shinning face? To hear Your roaring laughter along with Your loving voice beckoning my embrace?

Your loving voice beckoning my embrace? Wow! No mallet to zap it to me for being the rebellious arrogant educated fool that I have been all my life? Wow! You are not at all what I thought You to be! Wow!

O my Father! Hold me! Hold me tight. Winter is here. I am cold. Fear is knocking at my door. But You know it. I hear You. More so at every turn in my daily existence? I hear You:

Fear not, there is nothing to fear, for I am with you; do not look around you in terror and be dismayed, for I am your Mighty One. I will strengthen and harden you to difficulties, yes, I will help you; yes, I will hold you up and retain you with My victorious right hand of rightness and justice. Isaiah 41:10.

Indeed! You heard me! What a marvel! You are holding me up and retaining me with Your victorious right hand of rightness and justice. Wow! What more could I ever want for?

Anger is gone! No more slavery in the grip of such monster. Humour instead of anger. What You called me Father? Worm? A worm. O my Father, a worm? That’s what I was! Hahaha!

Author like a wingless butterfly caterpillar

The egg – the caterpillar – the pupa – A butterfly at last! The transformation—In a plebeian looking stage the caterpillar displays not the beauty of its future as it will burst from a cocoon coming to life at the end as a beautiful butterfly to display its beautiful wings as it flies and flutters happily among the flowers of the earth!

So once the author like a humble wingless butterfly caterpillar was not able to display any of her future beauty at all in the process of her supernatural transformation!

And in her pitiful stage in the life that she used to live the author felt even less than a caterpillar—she felt like a worm crawling wingless actually wiggling and twisting her way on these earthly grounds…

Yet what a difference it is after she burst from the cocoon of her old life totally transformed as Yahuwah/Yahushua stepped into her being and she was born again! Now, like a butterfly, her beautiful wings among men she can display!

Thus there were butterflies adorning not only the pages of her books but also embellishing the original Web Sites built to proclaim?

Yahuwah/Yahushua!—Sovereign Master and King of the Universe and all therein including ourselves! And to the Two in One be the esteem and praise now and forever and ever!

Much love to all. thiaBasilia.

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