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This is one of the covers I will be using to illustrate the subsequent posts on the series of books titled, The Family A True Story or? The story of a woman that came from the shambles of dysfunction? To the harmonious, peaceful life that I now enjoy.
I am now figuring out how to compile the volumes to include on The Family A True Story to publish it as a series of volumes. Plus optimizing, editing, formatting, and so on to make these series worthy of the message Father is delivering to His beloved children. Much love, thiaBasilia

What Are You Struggling With? May I Help You” …?

Things That Could Help You To Find Out …?

To find out your identity. We all travel along in the path of life like blind men in a dead road. We go through life ignorant about our identity–Who we really are? But!

The time is here to reveal to each one of us individually the reality of not only our identity but also the purpose for our existence on this earth.

Revelation …?

The most recent revelation to me? How numbers apply in my everyday life. The meaning of numbers from the Almighty Creator of our beings—the Author of those numbers so prevalent in all things in existence.

About Numbers … ?

Friday, 5 October 2018 now at 9:03 am. Right on que at the 9th hour of the 5th day of the 10th month. What that means? All good things! Meaning of numbers in my life by my Heavenly Father’s revelation only.

Why Are Numbers Questionable By Many …?

Numbers are connected to the occult world, otherwise known as the world of psychics, witches, horoscopes, and all kind of mystics and occult practices and beliefs.

Numerous Shy Away. Multitude Embrace The Issue ….?

Therefore? Numerous Christians shy away from the subject. Not only that but! A multitude is now supplanting the Almighty Creator of our beings with any of the above-mentioned beliefs and practices.

Truth? Numbers Are The Creator’s Design Of His Written Words …?

The truth? Numbers are absolutely the design of the written words or the Scriptures. Even so? Satan—the enemy of the Creator and His creation, knows all about numbers, and?

A Counterfeit Comes To Surface Nowadays …?

Satan cleverly counterfeits the meaning of numbers to serve the occult to deceive whoever put the trust in the occult community.

Shocked At Satan’s Doings …?

Me? At first noticed of the human trends? I would be shocked, but! Now? Father is revealing things to me, so? No more shocks of any kind. I’m going on under His leading and direction.

Revelation for me …?

That out of the way? My heavenly Father is revealing how those numbers apply to my life.

  1. The Number Five stands for Grace and Preparation.
  2. Number Nine stands for Fruitfulness and Giving.
  3. The Number Ten stands for Law, Testing, and Representation

Now, the meaning of the Number Nine in my life. The Number Nine stands for Fruitfulness and Giving. Then?

Only way to produce good fruit. …?

You, my Father, have shown me that the only way for Your children to produce fruit is to be willing to lay aside our own lives and ways, and to let the Messiah reign in us.

Next for  me?

We come to today. Today is the 5th day of the 10th month. The Number Five stands for Grace and Preparation. That’s the stage of my journey at the present. Why?

By the power of my Father’s grace? I have lay aside my own life and ways, to let the Messiah reign in me. So? I am now ready to produce the fruit of giving of myself, but!

Guess What …?

The Number Ten stands for Law, Testing, and Representation, guess what that means as it relates to the stage of my journey in the Presence of my Heavenly Father?

Could It Be …?

Well? Have you ever wondered why the crowd gets real loud when the count gets to ten? Could it be that the number ’10’ is when things get serious?

  • When reality begins to sink in?
  • When the number ten is reached it seems as if the realization that whatever is about to happen is now going to REALLY REALLY happen. Meaning?

The Law, The Testing, And The Representation

That’s what my Heavenly Father has been revealing to me in the last few months. Little by little? Father is revealing these things to me. Why?

  • Why little by little?
  • Why not give me more that what He gives to me.
  • And why now I am noticing the dates?
  • Ha! That’s my Father’s way to keep me from settling down in my own conclusions and understandings of His revelations.

This Way?

No sooner He reveals one little thing about that day? The day ends, and? The next little bit comes to surface. Without realizing it, I am relating to His ways.

No Time For Me To Mess Up Anything …?

No time to settle down in my ways of thinking or doing His ways. My task is to write, publish, and optimize whatever He gives to me. He is doing the rest in my life and the life of whomever reads these writings.

Today? I’m Into Giving Of Myself. Tomorrow? Who Knows?

Isn’t that something? Anyhow? I’m into giving of myself without asking anything in return, but! Tomorrow or in the future? Who knows?

Father promised to give me more riches and wisdom than He gave to King Solomon. Who knows? He might put me in the position to give out those riches and wisdom.

Regardless Such Outlandish Promise …?

No speculations. No guessing His doings. Daily, concentrate on His instructions to carry on with my task of writing, publishing, and optimizing. Let Father do the rest.

So? For Now Is No Longer, Help Me, But? May I Help You?

May I help you by sharing these things with you? These things that the Father Creator of our beings compels me to share with you?

Wow! I no longer doubt these things are helping you because the Father Creator compels you to keep on visiting these posts and giving me your likes.

What a Mighty Yah we serve! That will be the subject for the next post whenever. Much love, thiaBasilia.

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