What Is Love? Reality Check! We Are All Beginning To Wake Up To The Reality Of True Love ….?

What Is Love? Reality Check! We Are All Beginning To Wake Up To The Reality Of True Love ….?


Friday, June 22, 2018 at 3:08 am.

A Melody Of Love Rings In My Heart …?

O my Father? Life goes on. Such exciting things happening in my life, but! Such things are happening and none the wiser! All things seem to continue today as they were yesterday, yet!

In my heart there rings a melody of hope and love. Regardless even my own hopeless and despairing thoughts and feelings? The melody of hope and love continues to ring louder than those thoughts and feelings.

It’s now Friday, June 22, 2018 at 8:51 am. What have I been doing since I posted yesterday? Reflecting in the Presence of my Heavenly Father.

My Emotional System? My Downfall ….?

O my Father? How simple it is to communicate with You. Even so? All my life, even to the not too far days? All my life I been struggling with this infamous thing of my emotional system.

More than my intellect? It’s my emotional machine that has been my downfall like forever if! You had not seen fit to choose to reform my being. Wow!

What A Revelation! How did You reveal this thing to me ….?

How did you open my eyes to see these elusive doings of the thing we are all so familiar with called emotions?

Simply. You led me to read and comment in 3 posts. The first post was about finding a kindred spirit. The second one was about love, but the third one? That article has simply blown me away!

Precise Moment To Reveal Yahushua Messiah’s Deliverance To Me ….?

The article was Posted by: Pure Glory | 04/26/2014, but! I just read it this morning at the precise moment You chose to reveal Yahushua Messiah’s Deliverance to me.

Since the monitor incident back in May? Father spoke the following words to me in response to my request on what to do about the monitor situation.

When the monitor crashed? I asked, “Now what, my Father? Should I attempt to get in touch with anyone to help me out of this predicament? Even if someone gets in touch with me, should I cry for help? What am I to do or say, my Father? Quickly came His answer,

Pause. Reflect. O thiaBasilia—O Child Of My Heart? Wait! Time is needed to fight the battle for your souls going on in the invisible world. Do not be concerned with any possibility that could come your way.

I am in perfect control of all matters in this crucial time of your existence. Nothing, absolutely nothing can or could happen to interfere with the battle going on at this point of time. The victory is Mine.

In time? I will give you the signal to either re-plug the monitor and turn it on, or? Do whatever I deem necessary for you to do. In the meantime?

Continue to record by hand all things I am giving to you to record. Fear not, My child! I am holding you tight in My victorious hands of rightness and justice. No way for defeat and shame could repeat. Go on! I am always with you! End of my Father’s words.

This morning He chose to show me His victory in detail in that article.  I will not quote the long article, but, of all details? This is the one detail with the key for my deliverance. Quote:

This week, your enemies will be exposed and so your true friends will be recognized, no more spirit of disguise or waiting for your demise. You have been elevated to SEE what you couldn’t see before.

My Enemies Exposed ….?

Indeed! O my Father? You have exposed my enemies. My enemies? Yes! My enemies are not any human being who have done me wrong. What? Who then are my enemies? I hear,

“Your enemies are programmed in the carnal nature within you. Your thoughts and your feelings are your worst enemies.

Those are the enemies now under My control and dominion. Your thoughts and feelings are now devoid of any power over you.

Thus, you can laugh triumphal at your own self. Humor instead of anger is now your own personal motto.

Your children and friends shall now delight with you. Relationships shall be restored by the power of My love and wisdom.

Emotional outbursts of any kind shall be taken and discarded leaving no trace of their appearance.

Now My child— O thiaBasilia—O Child Of My Heart? Now! Even at this moment of time? My victory is your victory! Rejoice forever more! Rejoice!” End of my Father’s words.

It’s now Friday, June 22, 2018 at 5:52 pm. What a marvelous day it has been so far. My printing situation is still a problem, but! There is not anymore concern about it.

It’s simply a problem that could cause an emotional outburst like it did in the past but now? Such outbursts have been discarded leaving no trace of their former appearance.

It’s the same with my Word program. It’s hard to type. My styles have been changed trying to find the printing problem. So far? Things have gotten worse instead of better, yet!

The Melody Of Victory! My Father’s Victory Over My Worst Enemies Of Thinking And Feeling ….?

That melody of Your love within my heart is ringing louder than ever before! It’s the melody of victory. My Father’s victory over my worst enemies of thinking and feeling.

Dear Reader, I leave with that thought in mind until the next post. What will I post? Threading the simplicity of my Father’s ways in my life.

In awe of His simplicity I remain. Meantime and until the next post? His love in my heart for you dear Reader and for all? Stays there in my heart to stay for eternity, your sister, not thiaBasilia anymore. Why? Because I am not the Author of the underlaying message in the posts.

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