Results! That’s What I Am Now To Proclaim To A World In Search Of Such ….?

This Is How I Have Finally Sat Still For Real…Nineteen Days? No Monitor. No Computer. No Posting….?

O My Father—O Father Of Mine? It’s almost the end of this memorable day of Wednesday, June 6, 2018 now at 11:09 pm. In awe of Your doings I will resume posting as You are leading me to do.

It was 8:15 pm on Saturday, May 19, 2018. I had been laying on bed trying to sleep. Suddenly! Skype rings. Quickly I jumped out of bed to answer what I thought to be Denise’s expected call.

I grabbed the mouse to click and answer. WHAT??? The monitor turned black. BLINK! BLINK! BLACK! And desktop lack! No desktop? No way to answer Skype. No way to get to my programs to resume my work.

Time to panic? Not this time anyway. Instead? I headed back to bed. I lifted my voice on high. “Father? You know it. You see it. You are in control of it all.

You see the thorny situation in my way right now. The monitor has crashed. I have tried all I know how to get it going again to no avail. No monitor? No way to resume my work. No way a new monitor to get as well. Why?

New attitude about money. New attitude about worries to get things …

O my Father? You have given me a new attitude about money. How have You done so?

Well, it’s Your will and command for Your children to bring to You 10% of their whole income, or, 10% of their first fruits. (Malachi 3:10.)

I had neglected Your command for the last few years, but! A few days ago You led me to Malachi 3. As I re-read Your words under the light of Your Spirit? Conviction. Power to repent.

True repentance means the power to obey Your commands, but! True repentance can only come by from the power of Your love and Your unfathomable wisdom to set the time for it to happen.

My time came a few days ago. I made the arrangements to set apart 10% of my total income, and? Under no circumstance let me touch that money. For that money is no longer mine. It belongs to You, my Father.

It’s done! By the power of Your love and wisdom to convict and empower me to truly repent. Now what, my Father? I have no way to access my account to withdraw any monies, but!

Power to keep the commandment no matter what? ….

Even if I could access my bank account? I have a choice to make, do I stick to keep Your commandment or, do I break it?

Yes! There are many reasons my human logic can find to break the commandment. For one reason? I need a monitor to resume the task You have assigned unto me.

For another reason? We are at our wits end without money to get the most basic supplies to live on most of the time. Emergencies? Clothing?

Of course! Such are valid reasons in my human logic and the logic on any human being, but! Not according to Your logic, O my Father!

By the human logic? No problem! Take that money to provide whatever is needed. The result? Poverty and lack. The thorny situation of lack of every needed repeats itself continuously.

No food? No clothing? No money for emergencies? Time to panic! Time to sound the begging alarm to reach the four corners or the earth. What kind of deity do we worship? One who cannot provide for the worshipers?

Wow! What a description of my not too far past gone by Your grace and power to repent. Surprise! Not this time. No way to abide in my or the logic of any other human being. Instead?

“Now what, my Father? Should I attempt to get in touch with anyone to help me out of this predicament? Even if some one gets in touch with me, should I cry for help? What am I to do or say, my Father?”

Pause. Reflect. O thiaBasilia—O Child Of My Heart? Wait! Time is needed to fight the battle for your souls going on in the invisible world. Do not be concerned with any possibility that could come your way.

I am in perfect control of all matters in this crucial time of your existence. Nothing, absolutely nothing can or could happen to interfere with the battle going on at this point of time. The victory is Mine.

In time? I will give you the signal to either re-plug the monitor and turn it on, or? Do whatever I deem necessary for you to do. In the meantime? Continue to record by hand all things I am giving to you to record. Fear not, My child! I am holding you tight in My victorious hands of rightness and justice. No way for defeat and shame could repeat. Go on! I am always with you! End of my Father’s words.

Results! That’s What You Are Now To Proclaim To A World In Search Of Such.

Thursday, June 7, 2018 at 4:15 am.

Now what, my Father? What Am I To Publish From Now On?

Results! That’s What I Am Now To Proclaim To A World In Search Of Such.

What happened yesterday? The Result from my obedience to the commandment ….?

Monitor working at last on Wednesday, June 6, 2018 around 1: 00 pm. The day before yesterday Ahmad promised to send me an Engineer to fix my computer trouble.

So yesterday, I began to prepare the computer and monitor set up for the Engineer to work on.

As I set the monitor in front of the computer? It came to me to re-plug and turn it on. I did. WOW!

After jiggling the cables around? The monitor came on. Done that before to no avail, but! This time?

The Welcome screen show up for the first time in 19 days of trying the same procedure.

I am still in awe of such miracle, but! I was still thinking the Engineer was to show up any time. Just then? Ahmad on the line.

Thinking he was calling to tell me the Engineer was on his way, I asked, “Is the Engineer on his way?”

Ahmad responded with anger in his voice, he said, “No Engineer is coming! He will send someone to get your computer later on!”

WHAT? No way! This computer is not going anywhere. Big altercation! The details on the whole matter shall be recorded in the next post, but!

At that moment I had not yet digested the whole matter of my Father’s ways to halt and to restore the monitor to teach me the intricacy of His ways to turn my fears and doubts into the power of His love and wisdom.

What’s the meaning of it all?

The long awaited for results of His work of transformation of my being from a cringing fearful poor specimen of a human being into a sharp instrument in His hands to level out the highest mountains of difficulties cemented in this insanity ridden world.

From here on I will be posting the amazing happenings of the last 19 days without computer. Nineteen days incommunicado, and? Power. Wisdom. Joy inexplicable and full of His esteem! What a wonder!

Meantime and until the next post? His love in my heart for you dear Reader and for all? Stays there in my heart to stay for eternity. Your sister, not thiaBasilia anymore. Why? Because I am not the Author of the underlaying message in the posts.

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