A Gift To All From A Mother…

0 A Gift To All From A Mother

Sunday, May 13, 2018 at 8:32 am.

Thanks, my Father! What a day of remembrance this is! Some fifty-eight years ago I became a Mother. Such an Odyssey both physical and spiritual worthy to recall.

Thorns and thistles and gorgeous flowers found along these earthy grounds journey—the thorns and thistles of Father’s discipline—the gorgeous flowers of His love forever in my heart blooming. What an odyssey!


What’s A Defeated Mother? The Mother That I Used To Be Even Yesterday ….?

Journal—An Ongoing Dialog Between thiaBasilia And Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Saturday, May 12, 2018 at 8:16 am.

Be back. Will post Peace Like a River in My Soul. I’m back. It’s now Saturday, May 12, 2018 at 2:56 pm. What have I been doing all day?

Checking the profiles/posts/teachings from those who visit the blogs. Some are encouraging Some? Leave me with one thought,

The Works Of The Human Mind—The Carnal Mind ….?

The works of the human mind—the carnal mind ingrained in our beings from birth until death do us part, for the most? Is forever developing doctrines and teachers and teachings, but?

All of that is coming to an end by the power of love from high. Even so, powerful testimonies of His Presence in our lives?  Far in between so far.

What Are My Grounds For Such Statement?

Solid grounds! The work of the Spirit of the Father/Creator within my being and in every minute detail of my life? That’s my grounds.

The Mother That I Used To Be Even Yesterday ….?

Sunday, May 13, 2018 at 12:51 am.

Wow! O my Father! My mouth hangs open to see a portrait of myself in the ‘trash bin’ of my Gmail inbox. What on earth am I about to ramble on?

The post in my trash bin I spotted before I went to sleep earlier, but! I just left it alone, I did not deleted, I was too worn -out with all the reading of posts—didn’t have the inkling for one more.

A Plea to my Father ….?

O my Father, You know that I didn’t even closed the trash bin, I went to sleep pleading with You to deliver me from my own carnal feelings of a defeated one.

What’s Getting to Me ….?

Not finding physical connection with anyone experiencing Your Presence in the same manner that You are letting me experience? It’s simply getting to me, but!

No matter, in gloom or glee what do I do?

I come to Thee! O but how real You are to me! You gave me to sleep, sleep, and sleep until midnight. Next?

I woke up. I stretched and rubbed my arms. Didn’t feel any pain anymore. I sat up. I checked the time. Hum! Midnight.

Here I am my Father to worship You with my midnight prayer of thanksgiving. I got up. Picked up my glasses from the likes of a nigh-table and fixed them over my eyes.

I glanced towards the computer screen. Hum! Only the trash bin quietly beaming ‘Weekly Godinterest Post Digest #3’.

Disgusted! But Reasoning, Wisdom at my Opened Door ….?

I walked away thinking, ‘nothing! Not a single email to celebrate my mother’s day!’. I made to the bathroom with that thought in mind.

In the bathroom? Reasoning comes my way, Mother’s Day? I quit celebrating it for ten years now, what on earth am bickering about?

As it is in the physical? I have nothing, literally nothing that I can eat for a meal. Nothing to validate my motherhood. My children seemed to have erased my being from their mind.

My friends and brothers and sisters are no where to be found. Not even strangers for me around, YET!


You are my Portion. I am not alone. You are ALWAYS with me. Though my mother and all abandon me? Not Thee!

I made it back to the computer and, separated the headline, ‘God-interest’. I clicked. I began to read. I read,

Why are you so downcast? You hang your head down, just ‘getting on with life’, but not truly living. Do you not know that you have victory because of Jesus? Your identity lies with Christ, not with what the world throws at you. You are not your mistakes, you are not your physical appearance, you are not your job, your relationships or your possessions (however grand or meager), you are who GOD says you are. ….

I read and read and read until the end, then? This is all the absolute truth, but! Something does not add-up.

It’s all truth, what then is not of my liking, rather is not of Your liking, my Father?

Wow! The portrait of the Former Me!

Even the me of yesterday! Hahaha! HalleluYah! Totally ridiculous, but!

Even the writer of such truth? By the wording in the post, has not come to terms that it all applies not just to me and you dear Reader, it all applies just as well and, big time to her unsuspecting soul!

O Well! Me? Deliverance ….?

Deliverance from my own evil carnal feelings of defeat and gloom, and doom, just as I asked You to do for me, O My Father—O Father Of Mine. What a Mighty Yah You are!

What now, O My Father—O Father Of Mine?

Joy quite explicable. Peace, not as the world gives. In You? I have Perfect peace. Your peace to me You bequeath. Perfect peace and confidence.

In the world I have tribulation and trials and distress and frustration; but I am of good cheer! I take courage; I am confident, certain, undaunted!

For O my Father! You have overcome the world for me. You have deprived it of power to harm and have conquered it for me. What more could I ever want for?

How blessed I am. In due time—Your time, O my Father, in Your time and timing? As You see fit, the periods of defeat will be my greatest feat.

My times are in Your hands. That’s where I stand. It’s all wonderfully simple and delightfully effortlessly, and? I’m going on, dear reader, but!

Wonderfully Simple and Delightfully Effortlessly are Not….?

Wonderfully Simple and Delightfully Effortlessly are not permanently—for good. It all does not mean that I am free from those fearful moments to come back to me attack.

Instead? It means ….?

Instead, it means that those fearful moments cannot any longer take control of my head.

Why? Indeed! You are in control of every minute detail of my life, and?

Such tragedy IS NOT to take place in the enemy’s face ….?

In no way shape or form will I ever take that control again for the simple fact that You won’t let such tragedy to take place in the enemy’s face.

The Point ….?

All in all? The point of the matter is: You, my Father are in control not only of my life but of Your whole creation, including me, you dear Reader along all Your children. I have nothing to fear.

Enjoying Your Presence ….?

Mother’s Day and everyday is my day enjoying the magnificence of Your Presence, O My Father—O Father Of Mine? How blessed I am!

Meantime and until the next post? His love in my heart for you, dear Reader and for all stays there to stay for eternity, your sister–not thiaBasilia anymore. Why? Because I am not the Author of the underlying message in the posts.

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