Peace Like A River Flowing From My Soul ….?

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Not a feather in my cap. You are not really liking ‘me’ but you are liking the One that likes thee! 😊

Journal—An Ongoing Dialog Between thiaBasilia And Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Friday, May 11, 2018 at 11:56 am.

Sober, not negative thoughts come to mind.

Joy inexplicable, not emotional upheaval. Sober, not negative thoughts come to mind. Power to love. Wisdom from on high.

What more could I ever want for?

The Kingdom down on the new earth. United Kindred Spirits by the power of love and wisdom from on high?

That’s what more I want for!

For that I wait in faith and in hope. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

O my Father! You have empowered me to wait with patience and composure, for that Kingdom, to wait for You to unite us by the power of Your love.

Patience? Composure?

Wow! Two things that I not yet see. The Kingdom and the United Spirits. Patience? Composure?

That was a mountain totally out of my reach. Patience and composure was out of my reach no matter how hard I tried to be patient and compose.

Now, by the power of His love? Patience and composure is spontaneously and effortless. Truly? Peace like a river flowing from my soul. Joy inexplicable, not emotional upheaval.

  • Sober, not negative thoughts come to mind. Power to love the lovely and the ugly. Wisdom from on high. No more ‘try’!

It’s still Friday, May 11, 2018 at 4:22 pm.

What Do I Do My Father When I Feel Like Doing Nothing?

When I have that nagging feeling that I should be doing something, but! I just can’t get motivated to do anything?

  • What do I do when I see everybody so busy with their own agendas and I can’t understand those agendas? So many out of kilt with You and Your ways. Alas! So sad.
  • What do I do when I see so many people pushing themselves or their wares on each other? Am I doing the same thing?
  • What do I do when I see somebody pushing a list of super books to read ? Ha! It came to me to check the list of those books. Next?
  • You quickened me to check the first two book’s titles that attracted my attention. Wow! Not at all what I had in mind.

Exalting the Human Being to the Highest is the Now Thing ….?

Been reading a lot. In all that I read the author of those writings is central to the book or article or whatever. This whole insanity ridden world is intent in exalting the human being to the highest.

  • Self-love.
  • Self-discipline.
  • Self-worth.
  • Self-sufficiency.
  • Self-divine are now household words.
  • The human mind reigns, no question about it.

Me? You know how You compel me to look around and be astonished!

Well, astonished I been to see the frantic wave for success, success, success! I mean each one of us wants to succeed, to see our name in print.

  • I can do it.
  • You can do it!
  • Take control of your life, but myself?

I have swung the control of my life under the feet of the only One Who can control this life of mine far better than what I ever dream of controlling it myself—that’s Yahushua, my Master.

To my Shock ….?

So? This issue of this insane world’s drive for success and self-exaltation has hit me hard, but! To my shock, what did You showed me as I checked one of the sites You inspired to me? You showed me my own drive for self-exaltation:

First visible noticeable word? thiaBasilia and the legend as to what thiaBasilia is doing since 2006. Hoopie! Give me a star!

O but the treachery of our carnal nature. I quickly found a forbidden sign and stamp it on my self-exalting logo.

Father digging deep. No spot or wrinkle within me ….?

Why not just do without the logo? That’s coming next. Never fear dear Reader. Father is leading me all the way. He is surely digging deep. There shall be no spot or wrinkle within me by the time of Yahushua’s return.

Humility And Heaven.

Anyhow, what did I read in the couple pages I read in those books? I read about the same truth that You, my Father are revealing to me about humility and heaven.

What Did I Gain By Reading Those Pages?

Ha? I gained a confirmation of the words You spoke to me just yesterday: “Rejoice! Be glad! Your redemption draws nigh. Sooner that you could expect or hope for?

  • I will reveal to you the progress of My plan of restoration to the original intent for your creation, in ways that have not crossed your imagination.

Go on! Fear no evil! I am with you. I am your Shepherd. I protect and lead you. I am always with you in this valley of death you are all traveling on.”

Even More Gain.

I gained the power to overcome the disturbance in my soul that I could not overcome earlier today, and?

In recalling other things, things I have read about the present obsession with mental health and the world’s system to overcome it?

Somehow Fear Knocks At My Door. Fear?

Indeed! Fear that evil is coming to me as it happened to Your disciples in ancient times. Fear of rejection or even of approval, but!

Do I Panic And Run To Any Human Source For Advice?

That’s a thing of my past, but! To run to any human source for advice or comfort seems to be the biggest purpose for the Internet. The advice in most of what I read on the subject?

‘Get in touch with your Mental Health caretaker or with a friend or anyone willing to help you. Take your medicines!’

Been there, done that. Not anymore! Emphatically! When I find myself in such predicament?

I come boldly to Your throne of grace to ask for help in my time of need, O my Father. For You are the only One able and willing to deliver me from my own fearful state permanently—for good, but!

What Does Permanently—For Good Means?

Permanently—for good does not mean that I am free from those fearful moments to come. Instead? It means that those fearful moments cannot any longer take control of my head. Why?

You Are In Control Of Every Minute Detail Of My Life, And?

Indeed! You are in control of every minute detail of my life, and? In no way shape or form will I ever take that control again.

All in all? The point of the matter is: You, my Father are in control not only of my life but of Your whole creation. I have nothing to fear.

Meantime and until the next post? His love in my heart for you and for all stays there to stay for eternity, your sister, not thiaBasilia anymore. Why? Because I am not the Author of the message in the posts.

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