The Wind Is Rile Up. Wonder What Its The Cause Of Its Riling Up? But! No Wonder As The Cause Of My Former Life’s Riling Ups!

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Journal—An Ongoing Dialog Between thiaBasilia And Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Monday, May 7, 2018 at 6:20 am.

What will it be today, my Father? The wind is rile up. Wonder what it’s the cause of its riling, but! No wonder as the cause of my former life’s riling ups!

Hey! Is your life rile up? Whatever the cause of your rile up, grab on to the power of love from on high. It never fails. It always avails to soothe and harmonize our riled up lives.

What’s the cause of our rile up lives? Lack of true love. What is true love? That’s the power of love and wisdom from on high ours for the asking.

What Is True? What Is Not True ….?

No comparison to the emotion we call ‘love’. It’s true. True love is all those things, all the positive expressions of this wave of positive thinking, but! What is not true?

What is the error or the evil in it all? Why, though that such wave has permeated the whole earth as it seems to me, many cringe and have serious reservations about it all?

Simple. The arrogancy of the human being to attribute it all to the power of the human mind. It might be so for now, but! That power shall be terminated. Why?

There is no power greater than the Almighty Creator of our beings. That’s something coming to light now.

Somehow the Almighty Creator of our beings shall continue to persuade each one of His children to see truth for what truth is.

Persuasion Not Coercion Is The Key.

To persuade:

To cause (someone) to accept a point of view or to undertake a course of action by means of argument, reasoning, or entreaty

To coerce:

To pressure, intimidate, or force (someone) into doing something.

Persuasion or Coercion works both ways, to do evil or to do good, but!

Unfortunately, human beings call evil good and good evil, which explains the success of the wave of evil New Age Positive thinking disguise as good.

Invitation Or Entreaty Apart From The Commandments ….?

From the beginning to the end? Here is the invitation apart from the commandments. Invitation not an order or command. Invitation. Entreaty.

Wow! Before I got to quote those Scriptures? Father led me to the following information to make clear to you, dear Reader what am talking about. Timely information from

Insight on “Is Your Church Christian or Christianish?”

The task Father has given to me? Write; Publish; Optimize. Sit still. I will do the rest. Well, I am to write what His Spirit inspires to me, and? Publish what I write when and wherever the Spirit quickens me to publish.

Today? He inspired me to write, “What Is True Love? That’s The Power Of Love And Wisdom From On High Ours For The Asking ….? ” but!

Now is the next day, Tuesday, May 8, 2018. The title is changed, to “The Wind Is Rile Up. Wonder What It’s The Cause Of Its Riling Up? But! No Wonder As The Cause Of My Former Life’s Riling Ups!” Why?

Well, I was at the point of writing “What Is True? What Is Not True ….?”

Just when I was fixing to quote the inspired Scriptures for the post? Up pops I stopped.

I read about ‘the Bombs led me to Christ—a very emotional testimony that moved me to tears, but! That was not resolving my dilemma about what’s true or not. Then? My eyes were turned to: ‘Is Your Church Christian or Christianish?’

Wow! That’s exactly what Father wanted me to read. What a marvel! Only reading the sequence of the events in my life can anyone understand what I am writing in this and in all posts I write.

Reading that article will certainly clarify what is it that Father is doing with my testimony post by post.

All He has given to me is not only against the Christian Church.

All He has given to me is not against the Christian Church. It is ALL against the Christianish church. Now I know, is what I’m thinking at this point. Perhaps.

It’s all about HIS faithfulness not about our faith or anything our at all….

Thanks be to our Father! It’s all His faithfulness not our faith even when by faith should the just live, but! If it was not for His faithfulness we wouldn’t have that measure of faith He has gifted to us all.

O but what a Mighty Yah we have. Thanks be to Him to entrust unto each one of us as it is His will not ours to do.

The article “Is Your Church Christian or Christianish?” Makes it quite clear what the Father/Creator is bringing to light now for the clarification of every written word from His Sprit.

What a Mighty Yah Our Father/Creator is! Talking about persuasion? That article ought to persuade many souls to join the Christian Church. Even so!

Right now? We are like blind man reaching out to blind man and missing each other. Here is a graphical description of the fact to illustrate the matter.

0 Blind missing each other_bible-3008650_1280

We are given the facts for us to make a reasonable choice—for us to choose life instead of death, but! We refuse to listen. Inevitable we choose death.

Even after He calls and gifts us with spiritual gifts we remain carnal, un-spiritual because we refuse to give up whatever is programmed into our minds from birth until death do us part.

Therein lies the parading of mankind—my dilemma until recently. Even so? Father is now harmonizing all my dilemmas. He leads me all the way. On to bed myself went at this point of writing.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018 at 4:37 am.

Woke up about half hour ago. What did I hear? “The Christian Church has not yet arrived where they ought to be—they are still depending on their mind not My mind and will. Observe.

Are they not still proselyting with the label of ‘Christians’ just as the people labeled themselves as the sons of Abraham?

Here Is The Situation As It Stands Nowadays.

Isaiah 1:18.

Dear Reader, read the whole chapter in Isaiah 1. It will open your mind and soul should you be willing to reason things out heart to heart with the Master Creator of our beings. Yahushua said in,

Matthew 11:28-30. Luke 11:9-13. Give it a read, it’ll do good to your mind because the Spirit is leading you to read it right now. Next?

The Father/Creator addresses His children in Isaiah 30. Again? Try it out. Those are only a few of the Scriptures entreating us to come to Him.

But even the commandments are not words of coercion. We are given a choice: If we obey? We’ll be blessed. If we disobey? We’ll be cursed. Those are warnings for our safety.

Christianish Church ….?

It’s all describe in John 8:3-47. I suggest to read it again even if you are most familiar with those Scriptures.

Christian Church ….?

The Christian Church claims to live by grace. They claim to live by faith, but by their fruits? They are not living anymore by either grace or faith as they were when they first believe.

They are still depending on what they understand and teach others about My written words. They are still following each other. They are still overtaken by their emotions and mind more than on Me.

OOO! My Father? Reading the great posts in I been wondering about what I read.

Somehow, I sense something not exactly right with You. Why? Because Your grieving in my heart. How can we let our minds and imaginations about Your words take over our lives? Easily—that’s the way You design it for good reasons.

In a way? Practically all human beings have the same thoughts about You, my Father. Things are the same as the way it was when You sent Yahushua so it is now.

Even Your most devoted selected by You, they tenaciously teach and train others in and by Your Word or? So, they claim to do, but! You still grieve within my heart, and? In fear I wonder.

What is it with this site? Why are You sending me to it? Immediately I felt drowsy—my call to present myself unto You to hear Your answer.

“O Peter, Peter, my Brother, my Friend, it is not by chance that I clicked your blog amid the hundreds of weekly digests that come to me on Tuesdays.

I just woke up from communing with Father. He called me to His immediate Presence about an hour ago on my request to show me how to continue writing the next post I am to post about The Christian Church.

His conclusion as He woke me up? A stop sign and a bright purple cloth rile up by the wind.

I opened my eyes. I sat up. I said, “What’s the meaning of it all, my Father?” I heard, “You asked, ‘what rile up the wind? I don’t know, but! I do know what rile up my former life.’

What Is To Rile Up The Souls Of My Children Nowadays ….?

“My child, the same One that rile up the winds in your soul to stop your traveling in the wings of deception? That’s what is to rile up the souls of My children nowadays.

The wind of My Spirit is to rile up the souls of My most selected children. One by one. Two of a tribal family. One of a city I am reaching them.”

For Sure? Father Leads Me All The Way ….?

Next? I came to my inbox and without hesitation clicked your blog only to find the confirmation of what Father just revealed to me. Wow!

When I finish recording these things? I know now what I will post in my three personal blogs as per His leading, If you are led? Click,

Much love, thiaBasilia.

A Reminder Mostly To Thiabasilia ….?

Dear Reader, let me paraphrase my sentiment from the Scriptures (the Bible). I am aware of the monstrous opposition I must face.

The New Age movement encompassing all good things in existence? It’s not a good thing. It looks and it feels ‘good’ 100%, but! It’s not.

Even so, there is HOPE. There is always Hope. The Father/Creator is still in control of His creation. He is still in control of the humankind’s destiny.

Despite it all, the Father/Creator promises to restore us for the sake of His name. So? His plan of restoration for the original intent for our creation is now in effect.

These writings are part of that plan. Therefore, I fear not the opposition. No matter anything, I shall continue to write and publish and optimize with hope in my heart and mind.

Ha! Just as I was fixing to post? Up again pops,

WOW! O my Father? What a Sermon, but! What happened to it? The Christian Church remains doctrinal, still? Following each other against Your will and heart.

“My child, that’s My reason and purpose for your testimony. You are My mouthpiece as I promised you it was to be on that October 21, 1986. Fear not.

In the subsequent post I will open the eyes and unplug the ears of my most selected leaders.

My most selected leaders are responsible for My children’s falling away from Me. They deserve destruction, but! I will not destroy them. Hosea 4.

One by one I will open their eyes and unplug their ears for My names sake. For why should I give My honor to the enemy of your souls which it would happen if I destroy them? Isaiah 48.

But My word that goes forth out of My mouth? It shall not return to Me void. For as the rain and snow come down from the heavens, and return not there again, but water the earth and make it bring forth and sprout, that it may give seed to the sower and bread to the eater, [2Co_9:10]

So shall My word be that goes forth out of My mouth: it shall not return to Me void [without producing any effect, useless], but it shall accomplish that which I please and purpose, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it. Isa 55:10,11.”

Meantime and until the next post? His love in my heart for you and for all stays there to stay for eternity, thiaBasilia.

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