What’s Talking About Delusions? Delusions? My Own Delusions And Confusions I’m Fixing To Confess ….


Never made it to my bed. Other was my led ….?

Friday, March 2, 2018 at 3:48 am.

It’s 8:19 pm. It’s the last day of this short month. O my Father? You know how I am feeling. Perhaps I need to sleep for the rest of this day. I’ll try.

It’s 11:14 pm. Never made it to my bed. Been fooling with my blog. Coming along just fine. Now I have a notice from Derek in Facebook. I might follow up with it. I’ll see how You lead me, my Father.

What Happened? What Continues To Happen …. ?

Nay! No Dereck. Have something better. My promise my delusions and confusions to you dear Reader. To ye all to confess!

Now, here look! I’m not really a ‘cook’! I just got better things in my mind for me to always take a look. I wrote a short comment. I’ll xxxx names and such for the sake of privacy, but!

My mind is set in reverse …. ?

  • I used to look at my past. Painful memories I could not forsook over and over to look.
  • I now look at my present. Painful memories?
  • Forsaken! For the last couple of days?
  • All my thoughts now revert to a past with so many wonderful memories mine for the taken.

What happened? What continues to happen? What miracle every single day come my way? Well? Nowadays, at every turn of my way?

A Miracle Happen, But! People? They Just ….?

Something triggers my mind to think of one or another wonderful memory from my memorable past. In the following comments I’ll share my miraculous memories.

Would people see my miraculous memories. Would people can see nothing but! Whatever other than the miracle I proclaim in vain? What’s my problem? People. I’ll explain.

These two comments could explain ….?

Hahaha! I knew you would come through sooner or later. New thing for me: I REFRAINED FROM PRESSURING YOU! It was hard, until yesterday.

Yesterday? All kinds of evil thoughts about myself, my children, and most especially about one of daughters—the one closest to me, and the one who has hurt me the most. Suddenly! Out of my mouth came these words,


WOW, my Friend! Like magic? I was set free! Joy. Power. Love. Compassion and all of that? Tenfold returned unto me somewhat. I am really, really free. The SON set me like He promises in the book of John. 

Free for ever to be. No more thinking the worst of myself as well as of any circumstance that comes my way. The result?

  • You came through with such encouraging news. 
  • Ahmad, an art major? Has returned to instruct me with my graphics. 
  • Working on my new logo as per your inspiration. 
  • I have become a comedian, making fun of all my past delusions. 
  • All my thoughts now revert to a past with so many wonderful memories

Isn’t that something? A miracle for sure! Hahaha! HalleluYah! Now I know what to post next to break in between chapters as soon as I finish my art’s home work. 🙂

A second comment ….

I second the motion. Practicing. I have only heard corporation members lifting their finger and? “I second the motion.” Such solemn event to me. 

Never dreamed I’ll member of such scary dealings. You think I’ll qualify to be a member of your prestigious company? lol

Been to the judge–court for my son’s adoption. I was so scared that I forgot my name. The Judge wanted to know my name. I turned to my husband and asked, “What’s my  name?” The Judge roared in laughter. The adoption went through like a breeze. 

 That’s me. That’s why Father takes care of me. I’m helpless without Him. That thing about Father helps those who help themselves? A lie from the pit of hell. Those who help themselves don’t need Him at all. Lol

Well? I am not any longer a self-helper. I am as helpless as a new born baby in the cradle. A new born baby crying for mom. Crying, or? Peacefully sleeping not weeping.

It’s midnight! Another day. Friday, March 2, 2018 at 12:02 am. Going to bed at last. Four hours later? Here I am. O my Father? Here I am with renewed determination.


Indeed! Determinate to keep my focus on You not on people. People. People. People don’t see, or? Do they just see differently than me?

Wisdom in my Book ….?

You see there? That statement is what is called ‘wisdom’ in my book, but! To people? That’s something they practice without much ado. Like I do.

My Sense Of Humor? Nonsense! O But! ….?

Hahaha! Nothing humorous do people see, or do they? Yeah, many do, but! That many more? They wander in uproar! What’s with the ‘cooks’ and their looks?

Is somebody taking care of that old woman? IS SOMEBODY TRAVELING WITH YOU?

The bewildered man exclaimed in utter consternation looking at my baggage I intended to take in the plane with me. I didn’t blink an eye as I replied, “No. Should they be?”

The blessed man was dismay at my reply so lamed and plain. He just grabbed my baggage and throw them on the baggage bin. Stamped my ticket, and?

On the plane to take me to my final end …. ?

Twenty two hours of unfamiliar territory. That was just the beginning of this yet! Unfamiliar Middle East to tell my story.

Humorous? Indeed as you’ll see …. ?

From the beginning with that airport incident? The incidents of my border crossings? Everybody is tense trying their best not tense to be. Me?

Like a child in a chocolate factory? Wondering what flavor is for me, giving lamed replies, disarming the wonderful workers of any doubt of my integrity to be.

No need to be tense. No need to fake a courage not near as the fear that is there. The workers know the drill. They good at their skill. They see. No need to kill me.

A breath of fresh air to them I am …. ?

To them? I’m a breath of fresh air to give them the courage to go on with their day. From my unique outfit to the numerous bags I deem necessary with me to carry?

A suitcase full with the content of my freezer. I’m on my way to another location. Question holding the bag with my frozen black beans, WHAT IS THIS? The bewildered young lady asked.

“That’s my birth food from Guatemala, would you like a taste?” Out of my child’s mouth came my answer.

The young lady, smiled, put the bag back in the suitcase. Gave me the pass to go on. Next time back at the same border? That young lady spotted me heading their way.

My same bags and suitcases piled up on the cart. Back-pack on my back. Pushing. Pushing. She leaves her welcome stand. She helps me to load the whole thing on the security bin!

Is that not a miracle? Ah! But how we take such grand things as mere happenings in this insanity ridden world where there is no time for these miracles of mine.

But! That’s not the case with you dear Reader. That’s not the case with ye all members of my United Kindred Spirits Unofficial. UKSU, how’s that for short?

All these happenings to me? Miracles not the delusions of my past confusions. A past when? My present was so far then.

My Present? About Delusions? My Own Delusions And Confusions ….?

I’m Fixing To Confess, the major victory I profess. Those delusions and confusions? Only stepping stones to climb up. No regrets. No turning back. That’s the fact.

Meantime and until the next post? His love in my heart for you and for all stays there to stay for eternity, thiaBasilia.


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