And So You, I Got Our ‘Say So’. Is Anyone Impressed? …

Much To Do In 2020. Forget About Our Say So. It’s All Much Greater! Full Size Beyond My Conception.


A flat version of the book I am working on, and the cover for the book. It’s slow in coming, but! In due time? For sure! 🙂

Wow! O My Master! How Timely You Remind Me Of Your Written Words …

While I was vacillating on how to continue recording Your words a like to a post I posted back in January 2020 popped in my inbox. I clicked. WOW!

I Am Dumb Found! Your Leading Is Beyond My Grasp …

Tuesday, July 21, 2020 at 5:50 am.

Copious tears begin to flow. How amazing are Your ways! Way beyond my grasp are they but! Amazingly good and loving ways beyond my grasp as well.

I Have Been In Suspense From July 4 To July 19 To This Moment, Why? …

I posted in all sites on July 4th, but the last post on July 19 I have not been led to post it in all sites. Why? So much haze in my mind with all going on in this world that I inhabit.

But You Are In Control Even Of That Haze …

That’s the reason for my copious tears of joy. Who am I to count in the immensity of Your love and care for me?

Words Can Be Deceiving Especially The Word ‘Love’ …

Tuesday, July 21, 2020 at 7:45 am.

Love is defined as a feeling in the dictionary but! I am learning that love is above feelings. That is true love or the love from and for You first of all and then true love for others.

Indeed! As A Rule The Only Love We Know Is The Romantic Love That We Practice …

And that is the cause of ALL our earthly problems with no exception! No kidding! But! You are turning all things around on this 2020 year.

True Love Is An Attitude Of Obedience Or Submission To Authority …

This is the truth about love to set us free from the grip of such volatile inconstant fickle word as the word love that we know.

  • Submission to authority is the key to experience true love.

That Is What Is Happening In My World For The Benefit Of Your So Loved World …

What a marvel it is to experience true love or submission to Your Sovereign Authority—the first and most important of all the commandments.

  • Thus? The rest of the commandments become the reality of our lives.

So? That’s How The Saga Continues Victoriously On This 2020 Year Of COVID-19 Fear …

Tuesday, July 21, 2020 at 8:20 am.

I am ready to close but I need now re-check Your leading to proceed. After reading the post You sent to me in the inbox it came to me to post it before I post anything else in all the sites.

On to the task with a glad heart.

Let’s Get On With The Show in that post back in the middle of January 2020 …?

Thanks, My Master! For What Now? For It All You Are In Control …

Saturday, January 18, 2020 at 10:30 pm.

Been sleeping the whole afternoon. Disgusted. Not knowing what to do in view of all that goes on with my thinking and feelings. Guess I just don’t want to be human anymore.

But Here Is The Riff, I Am Human. I Think And Feel Like Any Other Human …?

Ha! I woke up about and hour ago. One word in my mouth: Laugh. Hum! That brought to mind Sarah’s laugh at the announcement she was to give birth to Issac at her age.

  • Master? Been reflecting on the matter. Ha! Sarah’s laugh applies to me now. Indeed! All Your amazing promises makes me laugh because of the impossibilities as humanly speaking I see, but!
  • You did not withdrew Your promise for Sarah to bare Issac. Only You reinforced it. It’s the same with me now. Humanly speaking, I nearly despair. The human’s neglect to obey or to listen to You just gets to me.

Even So? You Are In Control Of It All Including My Humanity In Its Whole …

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I'm an inspirational writer—in the daily journal of my life lived in the Presence of the Almighty Creator of our beings I write about Truth & Life: eternal as well as temporal life. I am not into any kind of religion, crusade, group or the likes at all! For no one can find Truth or Life eternal in such way. So I am blogging this matter in the journal of my life for all to see the reflection of both lives as I record the daily interchange between my Maker & I.
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