This Is What? Wealth. Riches. Fortune. Do Not Necessarily Mean Money….


Journal—An Ongoing Dialog Between thiaBasilia And Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Still on Saturday, January 6, 2018 at 11:24 pm.

Pausing. Reflecting on all things You are bringing to pass within and without my being. I need to go to sleep. Will record when I get up.

Sunday, January 7, 2018 at 3:52 am.

No need to play martyr. That’s not Your wisdom nor Your love….

Wow! Yesterday, after posting? I was miserably cold. I was kind of irritated. Ahmad had just informed me he was not coming because of his health. Foiled my intended plan!

I had figured myself a hero for not disturbing him with my predicament, but! I was counting of him coming over to see it for himself. I was counting on my hero’s glory at his coming. Duh!

While fixing things up to move and keep warm? In my irritating moment because Ahmad was not coming, it came to me! “Do you have to play the martyr to get your glory?” WHAT?

Oh NO! I do not need to play martyr. That’s not Your wisdom nor Your love. I put everything down, and! I called Ahmad.

“Ahmad? I did not tell you my situation since yesterday because of the weather. I did not want you to neglect your work to come and help me, but! The heater is not working. No gas since yesterday. I’m hurting. I know you can do nothing right now, but! Could you leave some money for gas? Don’t worry about now. I’m OK. I will soon get under the covers and go to sleep.”

Love. Wisdom from on high? A greater matter than all the gold in the whole world! Wow!

Talking about wisdom? Love? O My Father—O Father Of Mine? That’s a greater matter than all the gold in the whole world! Wow!

I proceeded to write the title for this post: This Is What? Wealth. Riches. Fortune? Do Not Necessarily Means Money….

Indeed! Next? It came to me to create a graphic, but! Not an inkling of what to create. Then? I saw the musical graphics I had just downloaded for the post before. I picked one then the other, and!

Started creating the frame. Beautiful creation, but! Not an inkling yet of the text to include. Finally? I had to sleep. Woke up about an hour ago. In mind? The shaking of the earth. The North/South.

Fixed eats and drinks, and went straight to the Scriptures. Searched for the word ‘north’. Many verses. One stood up! I clicked and began to read. Wow!

Hold on to your own thoughts, my friends. The following verses are the needed information at this exact moment that we are going through.

No kidding. I don’t know what I’m doing. It’s the Spirit within me leading me to this information for the benefit of us all. Bear in mind, we are all descendants from Jacob/Israel.

It’s a long quote. So? Here is the link to it. Jeremiah 31: 7-28

Big deep into the dumps of fear and doubt feelings….

It’s 10:30 am. Father? I don’t feel good. There is a heaviness on me. I feel like crying. What’s happening my Father? I now have heat. I have more food than I can eat. All is well as it seems to be.

What’s happening that I cannot see? Help me my Father. Fear is knocking at my door. I’m scared. What’s wrong?

I had so much good in my mind to record for the day, but! Now? Fear and doubt attempting to paralyze it all. What to do?

Perhaps in reading Your prophet Jeremiah the words, ‘The Master has saved His people, the remnant of Israel! ‘ The remnant?

O my Father? Who is included in the ‘remnant’. Is it possible that I have been generalizing this ‘remnant? Help me my Father. You alone know all things. We do not need to know all things, but!

You always teach us what we need to know. The warnings in Your written words are frightening, to say the least!

Thinking of the worst times soon coming upon us all, and! Unable to see anyone with much concern about it? It frightens me.

Perhaps I fear at the sound of Your words that make me tremble are: …’a great company, they will return here to Jerusalem.’

O my Father? How could that be possible? My children and friends in the USA are totally adamant in coming to this country.

Perhaps my fear is the possibility that my children and friends are not Your people. If they have no desire, no love for this part of the world including Jerusalem? How can they be Your people?

O my Father? Have mercy on me. This heaviness is for real. Unless You lift this burden from me? I don’t know what to do? I done lost my incentive to post. I’m just scared! Help me!

There are warnings about cybernetic attacks coming so close to my own personal activities in the Net. The weather gets worse every year. So much evil going on and on.

Not just the evil that all can see, but! The worse evil? The evilness within us that we cannot detect. That’s the evil that will ultimate do us under for eternity should You not intervene.

I keep hoping for any little sign of the people’s response to no avail. What is it that am I looking for? What kind of response am I looking for?

Perhaps I am not looking for the people’s response. Perhaps I am just looking for Your response to my demands. I don’t know my Father, I just don’t know anymore than what You let me know.

So? I quit. Thanks for let me vent my feelings. Perhaps I’ll go back to the graphic, but! I just don’t know.

You are in control. I’ll wait. I’ll sit still in front of the heater to warm up while You work out this problem for me. 11:33 am.

So out of it? Don’t even know whether is morning or evening…Duh!

Sing aloud with gladness! Shout! Proclaim, praise! Come! From the north country from the uttermost parts of the earth…all be back home where they belong!

It’s 2:13 pm going to sleep. I just woke up. Thought it was another day. Expecting to see the dawn of the am I’m shocked to see the 6:18 pm.

It’s still Sunday, January 7, 2018! It’s pm not am. Duh! Not the first time, nor will be the last. No problem. Am or pm? Father is still in control.

So? I don’t have to fix lemon water after all! Silly me! I need to fix some eats. Show me the way, my Father! I’m lost again. This pain and discomfort it’s just getting to me. HELP!

Talking about a quick answer?

Ha! Talking about a quick answer? It came to me before I got up to fix my eats or do anything else. It came to me: “Call Roxana. Tell her what you are going through.” O well! Why not?

I headed to Google phone and? Made the call. Wow! What a blessing! How awesome can You be, O my Father, O Father of mine? What an awesome Yah You are!

How can I put in words the blessing You placed in my child’s heart for me? I feel so good! Even the burning in my feet has ceased!

Wow! What a feat to conquer. What a mountain at my feet! All the work of my Loving Father within and without my being! Thanks, my Father. In silence, I worship You.

In the meantime? Until the next post, His love in my heart for you and for all remains there to stay for eternity, thiaBasilia.

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