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Tuesday, December 26, 2017 at 2:54 am.

Thanks, O My Father—O Father Of Mine? I can’t thank You enough for Your Presence and guidance in my life. Never got to post yesterday, why? Graphics.

Creating a proper graphic for the post is taking a long time, but! I sense the importance to convey the post’s message with the graphics You are leading me to create.

You are in control. Have been reflecting on the amazing work You are doing in all of us. Beginning with my children? You are leading me to the complete deliverance of my Ahmad.

All day yesterday I reflected in what You are doing. You put me to sleep for a long time yesterday. I did not heard from Ahmad and the family, but! I heard from my baby Roxana.

She read the post, and! Evidently, it moved her to get in touch with me. What a blessing! We chatted for a while. Good communication. Next I slept. I woke up? I got her email with feedback on the post.

She warned about a flag from Gmail. Then she commented on the graphic. My reply explains much of what’s going on with all of us. Quote:

I don’t know, but! Other people is getting the same flag. Is probable because of my choice of words in the message. Or it could be because of the link in my signature. Been sleeping all afternoon and night. Just woke up at 1 am. How about that? Sleep is a healing agent. Guess Father is healing my body as well as my mind from all the crap stored in for years on end.

 I woke up with this thought in mind: “When will I know what to do with this money situation?” My answer: “When Ahmad quits depending in whatever extra money you can get.” There you have it. I must wait. I must sit still. I must ignore all my former running to ‘help’. Father is in control, not me. There is no way we can resolve our problems with our clever minds understanding of everything. 

 I think you already got that number for what you told me a while back: “Even if it works out, it does not mean it came from God’. That’s the truth. We must go back to that first commandment. But, we must wait until the Father does the work. 

 All of our tries to do what’s right? It all leads to self-righteousness–a stench in our Father’s nostrils. We must WAIT! We must SIT STILL! But how can we do that? it’s impossible. 

 Ah! That’s what it means, ‘We learn obedience by the things we suffer.’ Only Father knows when we have learned or suffered enough.

Evidently? That’s what happened to me on this 2017 year. Hahaha! HalleluYah. That’s from His Spirit within me and you. 🙂

Dear Reader, it’s amazing the work Father is doing. I am still working on the graphic I am to post next. I only post it in I’m working on a better graphic before I post it in the rest of the blogs.

Guess that posting was just for my Roxana’s eyes only. I never get a response from that site. It’s only when I post in Success Inspires that people responds. Beats me!

Anyhow? I am led to post this for now until I finish with the proper graphic. This incident with my Roxana needs to be published. It’s all leading to understanding each other.

May it all be done according to the loving will of our Father in the heavens. Until the next post? His Love In My Heart For All Remains There To Stay For Eternity, thiaBasilia.

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