The Trick I Cannot Skip….

POINTING Fingers Surgery
Not point finger! Not mute either. I say what needs to be said. I leave it at that. That’s my present task at that!

It’s the end of the day for me. Going to bed. 11:13 pm. Woke up the next day around 3 am.

Journal—An Ongoing Dialog Between thiaBasilia And Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Monday, December 18, 2017 at 4:03 am.

Father? In about one hour You have shown me much of what’s going on, what’s been going on in the world and in me. Why are we in the mess of this world ridden with insanity?

I pause. I reflect. The first item for reflection? My own item. In the sequence of events developing since You brought me in the wilderness of people in this region of world, here is my item:

  • You revealed Yourself to let me know I was here for judgement. You intended to judge me face to face.
  • You questioned my willingness to obey You even at the cost of my own reputation. I responded with my willingness to do so.
  • You compelled me to tell the unrighteous and the righteous of their sin. I obeyed despite the knowledge that my life and reputation were at stake.
  • Sure enough. I almost got myself killed, but! You only allowed Satan to kick, buffet, spit on me. I survived. What did I gain?
  • Your 100% of Your approval. My obedience to Your commands regardless my cost? It became my strength.
  • Six years came to an end of I, on these grounds retained. On the beginning of the 7th year? You compelled me not to any longer tell the unrighteous or the righteous of their sin.
  • This 7th year is ending. Among the best of the best You have done for me? Only an unusual and funny trick. What a trip. You now compel me not to skip.

Hum! While I watch the human kind revelry—The Christmas madness to the max regardless the brutality in this world taking place. The fun and loving and beautiful New Age spreading into all religious and none religious groups. The tolerance of all immoral living. The making of ourselves our own gods. The shocking as well guilty members of the self-righteous civilized society of mankind?

Well? Of course, my pointing finger sticks up, and? Down the loving hand of the Father/Creator comes to perform the most peculiar of surgeries.

My Pointing Finger Pointing To Others? He Cut It Then Grafted Back Pointing To Me! Hahaha! What A Trick!

 Journal—An Ongoing Dialog Between thiaBasilia And Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 at 2:44 am.

Father? Here I am. As if You didn’t know it, but! Sometimes I feel like You don’t know I am here having me a difficult and trying time.

Other times? You descend upon and talk Your words of approval or instruction. Then? You go away. I am left alone in this world of my own.

Am I to remember Your words of approval and do as You bid me to do? Indeed! You go away, but! You never leave nor forsake me. From Your throne in my heart, You keep an eye on me.

How am I doing? Do I remember Your words of approval? Am I tending to Your instructions? Yes, but! For whatever reason I go on a tangent? Shame and misery invade my being.

HELP! Goes my shrilling cry. Down to my world’s grounds, again Your voice in my soul resounds. Courage. Confidence. Certainty. Undaunted my gait resumes.

Big or tiny questions. Big or tiny frustrations. Whopping disappointments always in the making. Wonderfully Simple and Delightfully effortlessly my gait steady sounds on my world’s grounds.

Singing and praising and joyfully walking and leaping, fearless I’m going on and on, regardless! O my Father? Your grace and favor to me? Beyond a human imagination for sure I must endure.

The truth? O how well that truth Your Spirit within my being grieves. What gives? The human mind’s inability to see the splendor of Your simple ways.

What’s with the human mind? Only I, me, and mine ye shall find! “I got the oil!” “I paid for one year’s supply!” I got. I paid! I did! Blah! Blah! Blah! Ahmad goes on and on with his conquest’s greatest.

The person who has My commands and keeps them is the one who [really] loves Me…

Me? What am I doing, my Father? What am I doing? Am I pointing my finger? Am I disappointed because, for the most? Of bragging I cannot boast? Do I want to show You or me off?

O my Father how can I judge and condemn my Ahmad? There but by Your grace and favor in Ahmad? I see myself! We are both human beings. Have mercy, O my Father have mercy! Goes my cry.

What can I hope for, my Father? It’s a new day. Can I hope for You revealing Yourself to me again today? What can I hope for, O my Father!

I do not want to go my way. What can I hope for on this new day that for me You have made? Am I keeping Your commands to me? You promised as it’s written,

John 14:21 AMPC+

(21)  The person who has My commands and keeps them is the one who [really] loves Me; and whoever [really] loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I [too] will love him and will show (reveal, manifest) Myself to him. [I will let Myself be clearly seen by him and make Myself real to him.]

My goodness! O my Father? I dare not to record what came to mind as I am recording these lines. The spiritual waves directed my way are, by far? Too much these days. I wait. I sit still.

My shrilling cry for help stands. This time? I am not on a tangent lured. I must endure. I must wait. I must sit still at any cost of patience for the most? Wait. Sit still. That’s what I’ll do without any more ado.

It was 5:30 am when I made up my mind to wait. To sit still and wait in regard to this matter of Yahushua revealing Himself to me.

Maybe a humble beggar at my door could show?

It would be really easy for me to go with my imagination on how that revelation is to take place. I know it would be nothing like the most glamorous ways I can ever imagine.

Nay! No glamour as the empty glamour we are accustomed to. No firecrackers or red carpet. Not the most elaborate and super especial creative or otherwise setup. Nay! Nay! Nay!

Maybe a humble beggar at my door could show. Would I know? Would I to Him show that welcome come in as to a King? Heavy, heavy thought.

The ways of this world? Me? Included!…

The ways of this world? Lock your door! Be careful! Don’t talk to strangers! Don’t do this! Don’t do that! Or otherwise, Do it like this—Do it like that.

Me? Included! But! Father done dealt with me about it. He cut my pointing finger pointing to others. He grafted it back pointing to me! Hahaha! What a trick!

O but Ahmad is so relieved! Wait until Father plays that trick on him—that’s when things are going to really percolate! Can’t wait to elaborate!

What would next to be? Wait not on me. Wait on the Only ONE  the answer you can find….

Dear Reader, I leave you to wait. To wait? Yeah, to wait, but! Not on or for me. Wait on the Father/Creator to see what He shall do next in this life of mine and my ally and gifted son by name of Ahmad.

Not all good things in existence are gold? Not all that shines is gold. It looks and it feels ‘good’ 100%, but! Gold? It’s not!

Even so, there is HOPE. There is always Hope. The Father/Creator is still in control of His creation. He is still in control of our destiny. He still sits on His throne permanently. Never to be dethroned.

Despite all the wrangling going on? The Father/Creator promises to restore us for the sake of His name. So? His Plan Of Restoration To The Original Intent For Our Creation—To Love And To Be Loved Is In Effect

These writings are part of that plan. Therefore, I fear not the opposition. No matter anything, I shall continue to wait, sit still, write, publish, optimize NOW with renewed hope in my heart and mind.

Behold! The Power Of His Love & Wisdom From On High Drenched Upon Us All. It Never Fails. It Always Avails!

His Love In My Heart For All Remains There To Stay For Eternity, thiaBasilia.


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