In The Beginning There Was Chaos. Then Came The 7th Day Of Rest…

Progress. Indeed Progress Of The Best Kind—Spiritual Progress! Let’s Get Into It, Shall We?

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thiaBasilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …
Monday, November 6, 2017 at 3:48 am.

Definitely, my Father, most definitely Your progress within me it’s now obvious. From the chaos of the beginning to the rest of the 7th Day! What an amazing In-Between. My Journal—My Story. Enter Into My Journal—Partake Of My Story….

It’s now 5:55 pm. O my Father, where did my day go? At 5 am this morning I got the phone call from Ahmad. His daughter is in the hospital waiting to give birth to a second child.

From that hour on? Suspense. Baby is born. Ahmad goes to work. Nothing expected to be done today is done. Another day of waiting. Waiting for what?

That’s the problem. Waiting for things to happen could become a stumbling block for anyone, but! when I stumble? You quickly pick me up. What a blessing!

Waiting for things to happen is different than waiting on You. Right now? I can’t keep my eyes opened. It’s now, 6:50 pm.

O my Father? You know my problem persists. Show me Your solution. It’s now 9:06 pm. Slept for a couple of hours. Wake up? No much change. The situation is still with me. What situation?

Hum! The situation with my body and what and when I eat. The situation between Ahmad and myself. Nothing change. Letting minor things aggravate me because I don’t feel good. I blame it all on not having the right things to eat? Nonsense!

It’s all nonsense. Temporary frustrations. Nothing earth-shattering and of any relevance with Your plan of restoration to the original intent for my creation.

You know it all, my Father. I’ll go work in my graphics. That takes my silly mind off all these inconsequential matters.

Ah! Before I do anything else I need to post in Lorelle WordPress School. Onwards I am going. Thanks for the reminder, my Father.

The Next Day…

Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at 8:48 am.

As it turned out I could not finish posting. The computer went off again. This time? I did not restart it. I went ahead and turned it before I signed in.

I did one thing or the other around my place. Eventually I went to sleep for a couple of hours. I do not remember all that I did before I went to sleep until around 3 am.

I worked on my homemade shampoo. I cleaned up here and there. I took a shower and washed my hear with new shampoo. I ate my breakfast.

At last? I turned on the computer. Checked emails. Nothing important. Suddenly! The weekly reports showed up. That’s when I realized it was Tuesday. On Tuesday? I get all the Weekly posts from all my followers. A  long list of emails.

That’s my life. No earthly shattering events it seems like it. Another Tuesday? Will see. For the moment, I am to sleep again.

It’s now 10:21 am. Did not sleep. Instead, been looking into home remedies to help my body. Now? I am doing some cooking. Will try to work in Lorelle WordPress School. Hopefully there is nothing wrong with the connection from my computer to the school’s site. We’ll see.

1:53 PM sleep overtaking me. Yazeed came bearing some needed staples. Finally? Sleep.

Woke up at 6 pm. Working on my About Us page. Will add that page to the menu in Lorelle WordPress School. Then? Will post these entries? Maybe.

It’s now 7:17 pm. Things in my life are the way they are supernaturally and, things shall remain supernatural until the end. Why?

Ha! Dear Reader, I live in the natural most of my 78 years on this planet. I was miserable. Then? A radical change took place within me in 1985. A spiritual encounter. My transformation began.

In The Beginning There Was Chaos….Then Came The 7th Day…

Since then? Progress. Indeed Progress Of The Best Kind—Spiritual Progress!
I found out how possible and easy it is to live supernaturally, but! It did not happen overnight. What began in 1985 culminates in 2017.

Now, to clarify. When one lives supernaturally, one no longer needs to worry about anything! The Father/Creator lives supernaturally. He brought me into His supernatural existence. He did the work, not me.

He aims to bring all His children likewise to end the insanity of our natural life. It is really a simple matter, but! It MUST be done in the Father/Creator’s time.

None of our efforts to get there really work, but! When the Father/Creator does the work? It really, really works.

In 1985, the Father/Creator commissioned me to journal my life. Now I understand why He did that. He is using my journal to demonstrate His amazing work within my being.

Suddenly! This 2017 year? Wow! The blogging world at my disposal—the message travels swiftly through the waves of the Net. Destination? Your heart and mind—how ‘bout that?

In awe of His doings? I wait for whatever is next in those doings of the Father/Creator.

Here is the next to close this post….

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 4:37 am.

Wow! Thanks, my Father! I’m getting to sleep long stretches at a time. My body needs that sleep and You know it. The computer quit again in the middle of my work. Where was I, my Father?

Ah! I was in the process of posting. This time? I heard that voice in my head/heart, “Maybe it is not the right time to post.” It came to me to close the computer before I signed in.

I closed and disconnected the computer. I fixed me some eats. I ate. I went to bed to sleep. After a few minutes before I fell asleep? I woke up laughing big time. Don’t quite remember what I was laughing about. I turned and went back to sleep until around 4 am! How ‘bout that?

Now what, my Father? I think I was laughing at my ways in the natural. I talk fictitiously a lot of times. My family and friends in the USA know that. They simply pick my meaning and go on.

But here in Jordan? I don’t speak the language. Their English is somewhat limited. Regardless, the bond of love is beyond the language barrier. We communicate in the long run.

In the meantime? It really amuses me to see Ahmad and my new family here in Jordan knock themselves out to fulfill my most outlandish of requests.

Only my amusement turns into frustration when I cannot make them understand that whatever I requested was exactly the opposite of what I needed.

Well? O my Father, O Father of mine! You are so clever! Suddenly! All things are leveling out. We are coming to terms with the matter and laughing about it.

So much comical material among ourselves. Will be of much use in the process of the plan of restoration to the original intent for our creation.

Great! Is coming to me to add this entry to the post. I’ll do. Hopefully the computer stays put until I finish the task.
His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia.

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