The Ways From On High? Not Anything Like The Ways Of Mankind To Control In The Guise Of Wisdom and Love—Only a Tsunami Wave ….

To Control In The Guise Of Wisdom and Love—Only a Tsunami Wave of our Passionate Carnal Emotions. What a fallacy! What a finding!

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thiaBasilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Friday, October 20, 2017 at 5:55 am.

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Been up since around 3 am. Still to work with site for WordPress School.

Friday, October 20, 2017 at 2:36 pm.

Phew! My head is swinging with so much info! Must take a break. O my Father, but! You know all about it. Lots of great ideas You are setting up with Your own wisdom and timing. Your peace invades my being. All the lurking tsunami waves of fears are practically fading away. More and more every single moment new mercies I get from Your loving hand. Thanks, my Father! I’m to take a break. Need to finish with my veggies.

Friday, October 20, 2017 at 5:45 pm.

Father? The chores are finished. Now, what shall I do next? Well, it’s coming to me, my Father. In my dream You showed me the tsunami wave of my emotions approaching my way. In the subsequent days, You are teaching me what must I do to avoid harm from such wave of human emotions.

What was that headline, You popped into my view? Don’t let technology outpace you. It’s not just about training. It’s about progress. A platform that allows you to take control of your career by learning the right skills at the right time.”

Ha! I feel like I am waking up from another world—another life. Awaken from a tumultuous, insane world to a world of peace and well-being. A world of peace and well-being under Your loving control and guidance. “learning the right skills at the right time.” How timely You set me up in Lorelle WordPress School.

Dear Reader, what has been my problem even to the last day? My human emotions. My human programmed reasoning—the same problem for any human being. Have you ever found yourself interrupting somebody’s talk with the forever, “I know…” only to stop the speaker before the speaker had the chance to express the complete issue it was addressed?

Our human reactions. Well, I could give myself some credit because, for the most? I find myself responding rather emotionally reacting, but! It’s only my Father’s work within me, to Him goes the credit. He has invested His wisdom on me. Primarily? My reaction is human. No need to pretend I don’t get offended, but! I do not stay offended. By the power of love and wisdom from on high, I can now overcome it all.

Friday, October 20, 2017 at 10:59 pm.

One more hour until the midnight of the day. October 21, 1986 is a memorable day for me. That’s the day You called me to the carpet because of my continuous bickering. You commanded me to stop my bickering. You invited me to return to trusting You. You informed me if I separated the precious from the vile, cleanse my heart of unworthy suspicions about Your faithfulness to mankind, you would make me Your mouth piece.

Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 5:19 am.

O my Father! Exactly, some 30 yrs.-ago, to this minute You spoke those words to me in Jeremiah 15. How amazingly accurate such words have come to pass.

Jeremiah 15:19-21. Therefore thus says the Master—to Jeremiah/thiaBasilia: If you return [and give up this mistaken tone of distrust and despair], then I will give you again a settled place of quiet and safety, and you will be My minister; and if you separate the precious from the vile [cleansing your own heart from unworthy and unwarranted suspicions concerning your Creator‘s faithfulness], you shall be My mouthpiece. [But do not yield to them.] Let them return to you—not you tothe people.

And I will make you to this people a fortified, bronze wall; they will fight against you, but they will not prevail over you, for I am with you to save and deliver you, says the Master. 

And I will deliver you out of the hands of the wicked, and I will redeem you out of the palms of the terrible and ruthless tyrants. 

So, here I am in 2017. Last night, I enjoyed a visit from Ahmad. He spent several hours with me. What is the deal between Ahmad and myself? We are joined by the umbilical spiritual cord of Your love. Behold! The power of Your love & wisdom from on high drenched upon both of us. The power of Your never fails. It always avails!

You sent me to Aqaba, Jordan in November of 2009—almost eight yrs. ago since then. You sent me to Ahmad’s hotel. The hotel was not a 5-stars hotel by any stretch of the imagination. Ahmad had just acquired that hotel. He was in the process of fixing it up, but! A bug bit me in the face. I decided to move out. I found a more suitable arrangement for me. I came to the office to give my notice to Ahmad.

Behind his big desk, Ahmad hear me out. He then asked where was I going? I mentioned the place to him. He responded, “That’s a good place. I’m glad you found it. Where did you come from?” I replied, “From J——.” His face lit-up like a Christmas tree. He exclaimed, “My Land!” I heard the voice from my heart, “This is the one I have sent you to!” Startled, I returned to my room. After a few minutes, I returned to the office. I said, “Give me back the key. I am not moving.”

From that moment on we began to share every minute detail of our lives. For several months we were in tune with each other. A mother and son relationship developed between us, then? Satan stepped in! Somehow, Ahmad blamed a disaster in his family due to my presence in his life. Hell broke loose in our lives. A nightmare began.

That night I begged of my Father to remove the motherly affection I had for Ahmad. I asked to remove that affection as well as myself from that hotel. I wanted to leave! I wanted to quit, but! A vision—a vision revealing my Father’s will for my presence in Ahmad’s life.

That night again, after my request I went to sleep and I found myself at the edge of a pool at the bottom of a rushing water cascade. I knew that from that cascade babies would be still-born and I was there to KILL those babies for sure…suddenly! A beautiful baby girl came rushing down the cascade crying. Attached to this girl by the umbilical cord was a long boy apparently sleeping. I exclaimed: I CANNOT KILL THESE BABIES! THEY ARE ALIVE!

Then? I bend over and picked up the little girl. Somebody else picked up the boy. We were looking for scissors to cut them apart, but! I heard Ahmad’s voice saying: “NO! DON’T CUT THEM NOW! WE CAN DO THAT LATER!” And I woke up!

The Spirit told me that day that my affection for Ahmad was to be the umbilical cord to transmit LIFE into Ahmad’s being. He would not take it out of my heart but on the contrary, He would nurture my affection until due time—His time for Ahmad to accept the life that I would transmit to him.

Basilia & Ahmad—What A Pair!

Soon will be  eight yrs. since. For that 4th day of November was to mark the exact date when Basilia & Ahmad met for the first time! O what an amazing eight years! Never a dull moment! And a very productive period of our lives it has turned out to be. All at the expense of thiaBasilia’s carnal pride! For after humiliation plus humiliation, her pride? Spent—no more pride left!

Basilia and Ahmad—what a pair! Neither Basilia much less Ahmad had any concept of our FATHER’S doings! For our FATHER purposely did not and does not to the present, let thiaBasilia know His doings much ahead of time. For obvious reasons. Should the Father/Creator let thiaBasilia know all the details of His plan, thiaBasilia will for sure take it upon herself to improve and execute such plan accordingly to her own carnal or human reasoning, just like everybody does!

And so, again, it has been eight years now in 2017, for that 4th day of November, 2009, was to mark the exact date when Basilia and Ahmad met for the first time! O what eight years! Never a dull moment! A very productive period in our live. All has been at the expense of “Poor Basilia”s carnal pride!

Believe me there is no pride left in “Poor Basilia” to the present 2017 year! All pride spent in eight years of one humiliation after another after another to the point that now, just now in 2017, more than ever before? I can humbly recognize that wicked pride, but! I now possess the power to subdue it! How? Only by the power of the love and wisdom from on high.

What is the point in recalling this so ever important period of our lives? The point surfaced last night. I stated it, “From now on, there is no need for me to tell you what YOU need to do, or for YOU to tell me the same. The Father/Creator is in control of our lives. He is working all things for our good.”

Wow! Ahmad smiled! His face lit up with relief. Relief indeed from the horrible pressure we had imposed on ourselves by the wanting to control. Control in the guise of wisdom and love—only a tsunami wave of our passionate carnal emotions. What a fallacy!

Behold! The Power Of Love & Wisdom From On High Drenched Upon Us All. It Never Fails. It Always Avails!

My dear and beloved readers, what will be in the next post? It’ll come to me on the spot. There is power, wisdom, certainty in all my doings. Not any human being or technology challenges can outpace the destiny my Father has designed for me. For me as well as for Ahmad along ye all.

Man aims for selfish control to step up in the ladder of success—a temporal achievement. Our Creator aims for control of our lives by the power of His love and wisdom from on high. His love and wisdom drenched upon us now, big time. That’s the fact to be exact!

The ways of mankind are insane, troublesome, heavy loads imposed on each one of us. Indeed! This world is ridden with insanity.

Insanity Affect Us All! The Secret to Abolish Insanity? It’s in My Journal—My Story. Enter Into My Journal—Partake Of My Story….

The Journal of My Life holds the Secret to Abolish Insanity. Read on and on until you find that secret to avail you for eternity.

His love in my heart for all remains there to stay for eternity, thiaBasilia.

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