One Reason Why You Should Read This Post. I Been Set Up To Strengthen The Brethren.

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Two Words Indelible Written In My Mind And Heart Define The Purpose For My Life.

Thia Thia listen Satan has askedJournal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Monday, August 7, 2017 at 9:31 am

The words of the wise are like prodding goads, and firmly fixed [in the mind] like nails are the collected sayings which are given [as proceeding] from one Shepherd. Ecclesiastes 12:11.

So are the following words indelible written in my mind and heart:

Pause. Reflect. O thiaBasilia—O child of My heart? Pause & reflect. Focus. Set your gaze on Me. Fear not. I did not set you up for you to make an impact in this world. I set you up to impact the world with the work I do in your heart at all times. Whether you are discouraged or not. Whether you are elated or depressed. No matter what? I am impacting this world with everything I give you to proclaim in whatever place or situation I happen to place you in. I am your Anchor. Fear not. You shall not be put to shame.

I am giving you as much wisdom & riches as I gave to Solomon. For I know that you are keenly aware of your deficiencies and your weaknesses. I am well aware also of your faithfulness. Your faith shall not fail you. For you are returning to Me. Now, I have set you up to strengthen the rest of My children.

I am well aware of your concern because many are attaining a blissful life by means of the power of their minds. In due time, I will fulfil My promises to you. I will make your dreams come true. The fulfillment of your dreams will catch the attention of more souls than you can imagine.

Set your focus on Me along with My promises to you. From now on, keep to yourself. Do not let all the worldly thoughts & human wisdom deter you from the path I have marked for you.

 I will give you enough savvy to achieve your goals with a different slant little known by the most sophisticated scholars in all arts. Do what they tell you but, do not do what they do. In that respect, I will weed & separate My children from the rest of mankind.

Fear not, O thiaBasilia—O child of My heart. Lift-up your head! Your redemption draws nigh. Rejoice and be glad. Your discouragements are only for a moment. No need for your concern. I am working all things for the good of all My children. Remember, O thiaBasilia—O child of My heart? Always remember, your obedience is My delight. My delight is your strength.

At the onset of the finish line…

I arrived at Amman, Jordan on the afternoon of Sunday, May 11, 2015. There to meet my Creator face to face. There to fulfill my destiny—the purpose for my birth. There to hear that lovely voice from the Father/Creator of my being patiently & lovingly guiding & directing each of my steps. It’s sheer comfort to hear that voice pronouncing the loving words to lift me up from the dooms of my fleeting emotions,

“My child, fear not! You have not ceased to delight My heart and even though your loved ones are not responding now, your work and your words to them have not been in vain!

Fear not and do not despair! From now on you will be traveling in My service and I will see to it that you go and come as it is My plan for you to do. No matter who you meet – not matter how they react to you – no matter whether they accept you or not keep going!

For I will accomplish My purpose for your life even against your own thinking; for I am aware of your despairing thoughts & moments of doubts. And I am aware of your deepest longings.

And I will reward you far above your highest expectations even before My return! For I will return soon and for that reason I am joining you all together; for you all are members of My body and I cannot return to a disjointed body of Mine!”

Monday, August 7, 2017 at 9:59 am

Father? You have written those words in my heart, but! At downtimes? Nothing avails to lift-up those times until, You intervene. These are downtimes for me. There is still much trouble amid ourselves. We are simply not connecting with each other. How long is this situation to go on, my Father?

What am I to think? I beseech You, O my Father, I beseech You, reveal Yourself among ourselves. Least I perish in the waiting. You promised to help me when I call on You, because I know Your name. Because I have experienced Your mercy. Because I am a partaker of Your written words.

From whence comes my help? My help comes from You. Unto You do I bring my life. My times are in Your hands. I have nothing to fear or be down about.

Yes, I could adhere to the many practices clamoring to meditate, to breath, to do especial exercises, to clear one’s mind of negative thoughts, but! That means I would be doing things by the power of my mind—exactly what it is written not to do.

Of course, people has chosen to disregard not only the Scriptures but mainly the Author of such Scriptures. People has chosen to disregard the Almighty Creator of our beings. Why?

It is evident, people for the most have been stung by religion and other oppressive practices that have corrupted everything pertaining to our Creator and His written words.

It happened to me. At first, I was angry. I resented the ‘Church’, but! Then, it came to me, “No one twisted my arms to submit to the ‘Church’. I submitted out my carnal ambitions to be and to look ‘good’ in the sight of man.

Then, after much search and trying out a lot of the practices now rampart in the world, the Almighty Creator of our beings stepped into my life. All over the Internet there is someone giving step by step instructions to solve our problems and live a happy and successful life. I had tried so many steps and set so many goals to no avail, but!

It came to me, “Quit tying and start trusting.” That was it! Of course, I did not quit by my own efforts. It just came to me. Likewise, it will happen to all the Father/Creator’s children.

He has adjusted all inharmonious circumstances in my past. He continues to do so in my present. I have no need to follow the multitude.

It is obvious to all, I am sure for from comments I hear, the multitude portrays a facet of peace, unconditional love, and of loving one self, but! Underneath? There lies the monster that seduces all into religious practices. It is a painful thing to face because, in the name of religion we have hurt not only ourselves but many other amid our worlds.

Thus, rather than face the matter, the multitude turns into this thing of unconditional love for all and everything, but! Regardless, the Father/Creator of our beings is dealing with each one individually, not with the multitude.

So, there is no need for me to judge and condemn anyone, but! There is a need to expose the wiles of Satan. Let the Spirit of our Creator deal with Satan. Only the Spirit can rescue us from Satan’s hold.

In the other hand, with my child like attitude, Father is taking care of all my needs. Body, mind and soul are coming into harmony without me adhering to such outlandish practices. Only I need to listen and obey like a child listens and obeys the parents. So, there! I said it all.

Yes, I said it all the Spirit of our Creator led me to say. To what purpose? To strengthen the brethren. As Satan is exposed, the Spirit of our Father/Creator is doing the rest.

His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia.

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