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Friday, July 14, 2017 at 9:04 am

About my wacky cybernetic journey. It all started in 1984 when I was forced to find a way to support my own self. I took advantage of a government program to help people get back into the working force. I decided for a computer course. O man! I knew zilch about computers like the rest of the class. The instructor, aware of our ignorance, began:

  • This is the computer. She pointed to a black square box
  • This is the monitor. She pointed to something that look like a TV screen.
  • This is the floppy drive. A slot in the square box.
  • This is the floppy disk you will insert in the floppy drive to type your data. (Flew over my head. Didn’t have a clue what that was!)
  • This is the key board. Ah! I can type, only I don’t know the number row.
  • This is the mouse. Hum! What a funny name. It does not look like a mouse to me.

O well, by and by I finished the course. It was not much that I learned. Except that we were learning in an Apple II computer not in an IBM desktop, but! I thought I was a computer wizard for sure!

I did get a job as a receptionist for Marlo International, but! That was only because the company belonged to my honey of a friend’s son. By all means, I was not suited for the position, but! That’s another story.

The great idea to make money at home with my newly acquired skill came to my head. The whole process to get that computer is a story in itself. Anyhow I got the computer. That was the days of DOS. No windows in sight. The Internet was in its early starts as well. But I taught DOS to myself. Then I progressed to Windows. Then the Internet.

I learned to install many programs from the floppies. I learned to find help from computer experts. That was a lot of fun. The techs had their time with my strange requests. This specific day, I don’t remember why the tech requested of me to read the list of the programs installed in the computer.

I began with the A and kept going until I got to the N. Of course, we were on the phone. The tech must to been from India or some foreign country. I was a foreign myself, English is my second language, so, both our English were charmingly accentuated, but! He understood me until we got to the N and I said, Nescafe. He said, Nescafe? I never hear of such program, could you spell it for me. I started N-E-T-S-C-A-P-E! I ended and he exclaimed with a chuckle, Netscape!

Later on, I progressed to remote assistance. That has been a trip! My computer terms and antics just don’t match the industry, so, the techs have lots of fun helping me. At first when the tech would take control of my screen, I would watch until I would spot the problem and would say on the phone, (there was not ‘chat’ service then.) I would say, “There! You see it?” the tech would ask me to point it out. So, I would use my finger instead of the mouse, until the blessed tech will suggest that I use the mouse. Ah! I would confess, “I was using my finger to point instead of the mouse!” Hahaha!

But how have I learned so much about the computer industry? I had to. My friend Joyce got a computer about the same time I got mine. She gifted me a copy of Wordperfect for DOS. I learned to select, copy, cut, and delete. One day, Joyce came to me. She asked, “You know how to delete files?” “Sure do!” I exclaimed. Joyce said, “Delete these files for me.”

Sure thing. I select the files and hit the DELETE key and! The computer went BLANK! I had deleted the cmd.com—the main file to turn on the computer! Joyce had to pay $50 bucks to get it going again.

Would you think me discouraged and quit teaching myself? NAY! I went home double determinate to learn DOS and all pertaining to it. By the time Windows came along, I could even do animations with DOS, and! Joyce continues to this day to ask me about computers and such! She is just a dear, no two ways about it.

In the next post, I will tell you about my Wilks Community College adventure that started in 2005. Why? Because they offered Continue Education for Seniors for free and I qualified. So, I learned much and had much fun learning this fascinating Computer Industry.

These days? I am big with the Microsoft and other excellent techs that help me to keep my computer in tip-top shape. What a life I live in the Presence of my Father/Creator. He is the One Who leads me to all of these wonderful people that help me not only in computers but also in all facets of modern technology.

Hope for a chuckle out of you, my dear Reader Friend. Can’t wait to see who you are when you hit the like button. Hahaha! HalleluYah!

His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia.


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