Gems In A Garden…

On June 20, 1985 in a transitory and brief moment my life was recapped and flashed on the screen of my imagination. I had seen how and why I had learned as much as I had come to learn about any subject; even though, I had been born, raised and lived under adversity most of my life.

In the Book of Philippians, in the above Chapter 4, verses 4-9 is written the reason why I learned. In the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 59, is written the reason why I lived under adversity most of my life, and why I had been groping along all of my life, lost in broad daylight.

And yes, as it is written in the Book of Isaiah Chapter 59, verse 16, the Lord Himself stepped in to save me through His mighty power and justice, that morning in June.

On the morning of June 20 of the year of the Master 1985, I got up at 3 am to study. I was immersed in a writing lesson. I was learning the techniques of writing. I had avail myself of much reference material to study. All of a sudden! I realized how much I was learning and how tremendously I enjoyed learning.

I set down my lesson and I allowed my thoughts to drift to myself. That’s when I came to realize what had been happening in my life.

I remembered when I first learned how to read. I remembered all the key persons that had contributed to my education.  In the screen of my imagination I saw my home where I was born and lived for the first nine years of my life.

In a moment of time I saw how much I had learned and how I had managed to learn.

I saw all of the places where I have been to get an education. I also saw the school of “hard knocks,” where I got most of my adult education. And I saw the key persons, “the understanding hearts” that I met, who led me through that most intriguing institution.

As I remembered those places and I saw those people, I discovered the secret by which those people reached and cultivated my mind, and comforted my soul and body.

For I sensed that beyond the cultivation of my mind and the comfort for my soul and body, there was something greater.  Something much greater that had given me life. Something that had given me the ability to receive those things.

Something, beyond words to describe. I sensed the Spirit of God! The secret by which those people reached and cultivated my mind, and comforted my soul and body. Yet, I did not understand it at that moment of time. It all went right over my head because I did not know The Word of God! I had not meditated on the Word of God, I was ignorant of it.

I had gone through life unaware of the secret saving power of the Spirit of God, taking everything and everybody for granted without consideration of anything other than my own understanding of life, and the raw feelings of my emotions.

But, that morning, on the screen of my imagination, a beautiful Garden of Eden was displayed. In that Garden I saw those people that had helped me throughout my life as trees.  From those trees hung as precious gems, the things or the “good traits” they possessed.

And all those gems were part of the treasure of their love and understanding.

And those things that were as precious as gems, were the pure and lovely the fine good things in others, the things you can praise God for and be glad about as it is written in the Book of Philippians, Chapter 4, verse 8, about which I had never thought before.

In that Garden of Eden I walked, bedazzled by the marvelous treasure of the love and understanding that had followed me all the days of my life, which I had taken for granted.

I picked up my pencil to write it all down. I did not know at the time that what I was about to write was in the Word of God! I was only describing what I was seen in that transitory moment, but, a year later, when I read the Scripture in the Book of Isaiah Chapter 59, it all fit together.

At that moment though, when I was walking in that field saturated with gems, I picked my pencil and my tattered tablet with my heart pounding in my head, loaded with emotional excitement, and I simply described what I saw when I wrote,

All of my life I have walked in the Field of Knowledge, with my eyes closed. I have been lost in that field, groping along, almost unattended.

And now, suddenly! I have opened my eyes and WOW! . . . What a wonderful, beautiful, and fabulously wealthy field that is!

I see now that, the field is covered, in fact, saturated with gems: “The gems of the knowledge of goodness.”

Well, My Goodness! There are all kinds of gems! There are some that float, and they float in the very air that I am inhaling.

There are others that hang from the trees across, and along the pathway.

Some hide under the decayed roots of trees that have ceased to produce.

Some are at the bottom of the ponds collected from the streams.

Some are within the waters of the streams that satiate the thirst of the earth.

They are even thrown at random in my pathway where I stumble upon them.

Oh! those gems, those beautiful gems! They are everywhere in that field!

I know now, as I stop and look around, that there is no possible way that I can collect them all.

And the more I collect, the more I see the ones I have not yet collected.

And by seeing the ones I have not yet collected, I have, actually, collected a big gem: “The gem of the Knowledge of my Ignorance”.

I finished writing. I knelt down by my bed side and I praised God. I thanked God for his infinite blessings.

And in deep communion with my Master, I went again into a reverie. I remembered, in a magical recollection, all the prayers that I had uttered.

I remembered all the cries for help; all the inquiries, the whys that I had made unto the Master.

I came to sense myself in a magical spot. In that magical spot gems were floating. I was inhaling that air flowing in that spot.

And with each breath of air that inhaled, I inhaled the gems. The gems became part of my very being.

And when the gems became part of my being, I was able to see, as if by magic, how all those prayers that I had uttered had been answered.

All the cries for help had been taken care off. And at that moment, that very moment, even my inquiries and my whys were being reconciled.

It was at that moment that God stepped in the direct actuality of my living experience. But, it took many months for me to really understand what had actually happened at that moment.

For it was not until a year later that God chose to show me in His Word the magnificence and splendor of the Giver of the gems.

The Gem of all Gems that gave me the sense of being in a magical spot. The Gem that lit up my whole being and transformed me in that instant of time:

YAHUSHUA MESSIAH HIMSELF stepped into my life at that very moment!

It took me almost a whole year to cease from my wandering and my works of pride and rebellion, throw myself on the ground and truly say: “I give up. You alone are God and You alone I trust, Oh God Almighty, HOW GREAT THOU ART my Master and my God!” Why?

Read on what I write. That the Almighty Father/Creator of mercy—Sole Creator of heaven and earth may enlighten and open your eyes.

That you may not be deceived yourself and sin against THE GREAT I AM harboring pride and rebellion in your heart.

That you may be encouraged to know that THE GREAT I AM is, indeed OUR FATHER Who loves and never leaves nor forsakes His children –The Father of our Master Yahushua Messiah, the Redeemer of our souls.

His Love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia. 🙂


  1. thiaBasilia
    23 Jun 2017

    Thanks! Yeap! The best part is, my Completeness in Him. Totally a fresh start! I am so blessed. I wish such blessing for all. Love, thiaB.

  2. Ipuna Black
    31 May 2017

    Deep thoughts. What an experience you went through.

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