O Well! Done Lost Track Of What I Posted Or Not. Here We Go. A Long One To Amuse Ye All? Nay! To Amuse Only ‘You’—Especial One Reader Of Every Line I Post! Enjoy!

Great Launching!

It’s 1:43 am. Time to go back to sleep. Will post when I wake up? Who knows? Perhaps I’ll do. Perhaps I don’t. All the same for the honor of my Father.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at 6:18 am

Alright my friend—You especial & faithful one who takes time to read every line of my long choppy posts. This Is My Great Launching! Launching into the marketing arena to promote & proclaim our Father/Creator’s Plan to restore His prodigal children.

Of course, to proclaim such plan so ever plain, I must promote the Overcoming Supernaturally series of books. The first volume is already for sale in Amazon. I encourage you to get your own copy, why? Because, that’s the basis or core to demonstrate how our Father/Creator works in the life of a human being as an individual not as a member of a multitude.

In a couple of days, you will receive an invitation to subscribe to this project of restoration. Hoping for a big-time return. No doubt in my mind but then again? It might not be as plain.

Now, how’s that for clarity of the purpose for my life with all its quirks & quacks & books & blogs & long posts & long headlines & likes or lack of them & ups & downs & altogether Overbearing Me but! Father likes me. That’s what counts if you ask me! Me. Me. Me. The third note that happens to be!

Just because I talk about me disqualified to compete I could be? Nay! I talk about ‘me’ to spare ‘thee’! Hahaha! HalleluYah! Honest to goodness! Life is too short to live it in misery. I have decided to give joyful outburst of laughter every time misery pokes its head in my sight to many souls a delight! That’s that! End of my short debut.

Grab your favorite healthy drink, get comfy in your favorite spot, and! Read away, my beloved & faithful reader!!!

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at 12:50 am

Father? You getting me there by the hardest. I been stuck like a mule in a mud pile for quite a few days now. Stuck because, O well! NOTHING is working! Including by fancy rigged up door table collapsing yesterday! How did You un-stuck me this time?

Amusing. After recuperating from the colossal collapse, I heard the voice of Jeff Goins. I had left the window open for the on-line seminar. I began to listen. Hum! I heard all of that before, I wondered why I was bothering to listen again when I was not even in the mood to listen to Jeff. Hum!

“Here is what you do first thing” came the voice of authority. “Do you have 5 friends? Email them right now. Ask of them to describe you in 3 words.”

Ah! That’s new. Let me try it. Immediately I wrote to my 5 favorite people active in my life now. Talking about lifting me up? It worked! Here are the results:

Hi ye all, I got 3 replies. Still waiting for 2 more. The results:

I got me 2 ‘impulsive’. It’s Father’s gift! He gave me the passage of Jacob’s two sons that killed all the circumcised males because the king’s son raped Dinah.

Reading Father’s words has encouraged me a great deal. For again I am trudging the valley of fear & death & doubt of even my own existence.

As usual, I go to Father with my misery first of all. It never fails, He leads me exactly to where I need to go to hear what He wants me to hear to lift me above the treacherous valley.

Lots of times He leads me to ‘poor’ Pat to get the blunt of my misery. But, you know? Pat is not ‘poor’. Nay! She is blessed! And she knows it! When I fail to call her? Man! She turns every stone looking for me! lol

Anyhow, to put the icing on the cake of my longggg essays, here is about that dream, just in case you feel inclined to some amusement:

About The Meaning Of My Dream And Also The Reason For My Impulsive Behavior…

The Scriptures Are Recorded For Examples Unto Us Of Our Will Against Our Creator’s Will! ….

The Scriptures Are Also Recorded To Learn To Hate The Ways Of The Flesh Of Mankind And Learn To Love Our Creator’s Ways! Nothing, Absolutely Nothing Is As It Seems To Be….

From My Presence in My beloved Thia’s journal—A dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/ Yahushua!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 6:45 am

Thanks for sleep my Father! I am hoping that today You will open my ears to hear Your voice as I did when I first woke up! What were You saying to me?

“My child, nothing, absolutely nothing is as it seems to be. A few days ago I spoke to you in a dream of gentle snow falling and in your dream as you witnessed such event your soul rejoiced!

In the same dream there was a person from your past handing 11 dinars to you. When you woke up you were quite impressed with such dream but did not seek for the meaning just then, yet, the dream remained in you quite vividly. Why? Why you did not look for the meaning of your dream?

Because, My child, it was not time for you to search for such meaning until this morning. This morning I have directed you to a Torah site to find the meaning of your dream.

Now, does the fact that I have directed you to this site means that you are to join to them and practice life as they do? By no means! Ah?

My child, in the last few months I have been putting the final touches in the transformation of your inner being and you have become more stable & firm in your relationship with Me.

Even so, do not fathom that I am finished with you and you have no more need to grow into the knowledge of My ways! By far My final touches will continue to be the norm of life for you from now on.

What am I talking about? O My child, you delight My being! Why? Because as I see the work I have and I am performing within you I see that it is a good work and I can go on to the next stage in My work within you!

So, I sent you to this Torah site not only for you to learn the meaning of your dream but also for you to learn about My reasons for letting you do all things in the way that you have been doing them all of your life.

So far I have shown you in many different ways and occasions that My written words are nothing else but examples for you to learn to hate the ways of the flesh of mankind and learn to love My ways! How is that so?

Well, My child, take for an example the impulsive way by which you have been doing things up until now. Such ways by no means meet the approval from the society of mankind!

But, when it comes to My approval? It’s granted to you 100% because you live in My Presence and I hold the key to your innermost being, thus I know you and I see in you My esteem & honor which not many are able to see in you.

And so as I brought you to this site I directed your attention to the passage when Dinah—Jacob’s only daughter was raped and her two brothers avenged her.

And now you can see that this is a passage that equates to your impulsive way of following My instructions at the cost of your own reputation because such ways do not meet the approval of mankind.

Thus, My child, what the writer of the following paragraph states is exactly the meaning that I am conveying to you at this moment of time.

As Shimon and Levi replied to Jacob, the situation that prompted their action did not allow them the luxury of rational consideration of its consequences.

The integrity of Israel was at stake, and the brothers of Dinah could give no thought to their own person—not to the jeopardy of their physical lives, nor to the jeopardy of their spiritual selves by the violence and impropriety of their deed. In the end, their instinctive reaction, coming from the deepest place in their souls—deeper than reason, deeper than all self-consideration—was validated; G-d condoned their deed and came to their assistance.

This is the message that the Torah wishes to convey when establishing the age of reason and the obligation of mitzvot. Rare is the person who is called upon to act as did Shimon and Levi. This is not the norm; indeed, the norm forbids it. But the essence of their deed should permeate our rational lives. Our every mitzvah should be saturated with the self-sacrifice and depth of commitment that motivated the brothers of Dinah.


Ha! Ha! HalleluYah! The ‘bipolar’ label that the world saddled on me was nothing else but a hoax to keep me from doing what the world considers ‘insane’ but, in the eyes of my Father the insanity of my behavior was only to subdue one of His chosen vessels!





that’s easy:






Loving, funny and impulsive.

Those of the first three words that came to my mind.


That was fun, Pat. How blessed we are to have each other and our families. 🙂

BTW Link to the book Snow dream:


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