Mental Insanity Affects Us All. Shine On! Join The Restoration By The Power Of Love From On High. It never fails. It always avails!

Time to offer the LIFE & STRENGTH free from the insanity of my past to the world beset with the tragedy of Mental Insanity.

Mental Insanity Affects us All! What are the basis for the Innovative Approach to Mental Insanity? What are the basis for the outlandish request in this blog? Why should you invest your time & money in a book not in the list of best sellers? Why should you join the quest to eliminate Mental Insanity? Why Overcoming Supernaturally?

  • Overcoming Supernaturally is the record of an ordinary life turned extraordinary by The Power Of Love From On High. It never fails. It always avails!
  • Overcoming Supernaturally proves my expertise in both Mental Sanity & Insanity. Half of my 77 years on these earthly grounds were spent under the loving care of numerous Mental Health caretakers to no avail.
  • Dysfunctional – Bipolar – Depression – Schizophrenia? All labels saddled on many unsuspecting humans nowadays.
  • Dysfunctional Mother? She Scratched her labels, conquered her worries-overcame her sorriest.
  • Only one way to scratch off all labels. Overcoming Mother found it. Candid thoughts brutally but! Honestly expressed about a sordid past as well as a triumphal present.
  • Overcoming Supernaturally is the reality of the power of love from on high. It never fails. It always avails! It set the author free. It will avail thee.

The best in the medical field failed me. The power of His love from on high availed to set me free from Mental Insanity! A supernatural work. For in the natural, there is not any chance to eliminate the power of Mental Insanity. The life recorded in Overcoming Supernaturally proves:

  1. The reality of the power of His love from on high to overcome & eliminate the Mental Insanity stigma for good & forever. It never fails. It always avails!
  2. The reality of the colossal failure of the Systems of this world to permanently eliminate the tragedy of Mental Insanity.

Dear reader, the crossing of our paths is meant to be. Reading Overcoming Supernaturally is a unique experience only understood by those traveling in like path. Therefore, I challenge any of you to invest your time & money to participate in the Restoration Plan to overcome Mental Insanity by the power of love from high.

So? I am running the risk of losing my credibility with this outlandish request for action but! I am only following the lead from the Master of my being. I refuse to submit to the doubts & fears in my mind or heart should I falter with this request.

Me? Perhaps with some of you? Such request is bogus, but! I am not living by my or any other human mind or heart. My passionate trust is for the Almighty, Loving Father/Creator, Redeemer of my being. With Him? All things are possible and above.

Buy 1 personal copy of Overcoming Supernaturally. Read it. Challenge—Buy 100 (One Hundred) copies. Spread the healing message by the Power of Love from on High among your family, friends, business associates. Use copies to raise funds for the cause of your choice. Return is Priceless. Guaranteed! Together we can make a difference!

So? Who will be the first to order 100 or more copies of Overcoming Supernaturally for non-commercial purposes?

Once the challenge is met, I will lock the site to prevent free downloads by non-subscribers.

Bonus: Free download for entire repertoire of books by thiaBasilia.

His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia.

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