Things Continue To Develop As Per Your Plan Not Mine.

Me? Just a little tea pot singing in hot water!!!….

What’s Wrong With That? Hum! The great thinkers of this world consider nothing wrong or right. They assert my awakened self as Life. They consider Your Universe as the source for all. How can the creature be the source for the Creator? Duh!

In awe of the immensity of the Father/Creator of the whole Universe and all there is in it including us human beings.

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Friday, December 23, 2016 at 4:48 am

O my Father—O Father of mine? Things continue to develop as per Your plan not mine. What’s wrong with that? Hum! You know it my Father! As per the world & the great thinkers?

1. Nothing is wrong or right. Whatever suits you, do it!
2. Determine who you are. You are the Light. You are the Life.

The above points are not really stated by Tolle, Eckhart in A New Earth but! That’s the way I would have interpreted reading the first few pages should I had read the book last year. Even now, at first I declared to myself, “Throw it away!!! Don’t read anymore!”

But, the Father/Creator of our beings with much patience compels me: “Go on. Keep reading.” I obey. No questions asked. I read. While I am reading, Father is showing me exactly where I came from, where I am going and, what is His part in all of it. So, what is the point?

Let’s face it. No matter how successful or how un-successful one is; whether in the religious world or otherwise, one is always struggling for either keeping that success or attaining it. We are all in vain searching for an illusive happiness to fulfill our beings. Our minds and feelings are the primordial instruments for that search but!

Any and everything coming from our understanding of any and everything is not the reality and essence of the Truth to set us free from our own selves. Such is the matter in the work performed by the Father/Creator of our beings in yours truly. Taking a break. Continue in a little while.

Friday, December 23, 2016 at 9:15 am

Well, the Spirit of the Father/Creator has been dealing with me since 1985. Since then, I have gone through ups & downs like the waves of the sea. Not anymore. True to His word, the Father/Creator has established my steps.

Now, the Spirit of the Father/Creator is leading me to express myself in the light of His Wisdom. Thus, I am not any longer carried away by the wisdom of this world. The scholars, the great thinkers, philosophers, the wise men, the spiritual leaders, etc. that mesmerize the multitude no longer have much of an influence in what the Spirit of the Father/Creator has ingrained within me.

Tolle, Eckhart. A New Earth gives a reasonable explanation about the wisdom of this world but! It is all theory not experience. That’s what I had before the Spirit of the Father/Creator ingrained such matter within me.

The whole book is about the conscious & unconscious, the dysfunctional mind, the ego, the awakened soul, the Presence, the Being, and the Universe and, all things are interconnected. I will quote a paragraph about the wisdom of the world as per the book,

“The wisdom of this world is folly with God,” says the Bible. 3 What is the wisdom of this world? The movement of thought, and meaning that is defined exclusively by thought. Thinking isolates a situation or event and calls it good or bad, as if it had a separate existence. Through excessive reliance on thinking, reality becomes fragmented. This fragmentation is an illusion, but it seems very real while you are trapped in it. And yet the universe is an indivisible whole in which all things are interconnected, in which nothing exists in isolation.

Friday, December 23, 2016 at 11:40 pm

O my Father—O Father of mine? It’s such comfort to know You are in control of every minute detail of my life. No matter what comes my way, You quicken me who to call or what to do about whatever. Once I do what You quicken me to do, all is well with my soul.

Here is my observation: Most all I read liken to Tolle, Eckhart. A New Earth expounds truth and quotes the Bible but! It all results into a religion of some kind. Now, apparently from this book has come a new thing of transformation of the human kind. Suddenly, the Universe is the thing of the moment. There is no devil nor hell. There is no wrong nor right. The awakened soul is the Presence, the Light, the Life. Whatever!

The truth about the adherents of this new religion? They are the most enthusiastic promoters of a peace and love and? Goodness sake! I don’t know what else are they promoting. All I notice about them all is the intense struggle to keep up with their peace and love and whatever else they have theorized about life here and the hereafter or the New Earth.

Me? Thanks my Father! I got my daily bouts with the carnal self in me and in others but! You resolve them all. I truly have the peace that surpasses all understanding. That peace and love is really beyond my words to define; it’s the power of love from on high—totally beyond human conception.

Saturday, December 24, 2016 at 2:00 am

In a nut shell, to be genuine does not mean one has to be in a state of euphoria at all times. It does not mean one has to grin & bear. It does not mean one has to be a ‘yes’ man. It does not mean that one has to look good to others. It does not mean one to be a ‘door mate’ for all the boars in the world. It does not mean one has to be a humanitarian or a lover of animals. It does not mean one has to be the help bank for the poor.

To be genuine means inward peace regardless negative or positive circumstances. Power to deny or not oneself. No longer a need to retaliate in adverse circumstances. No need to get puffed up with compliments. Power to show kindness to the enemy. Power to take one’s shirt off for the one so demanding it. Power to love & hate for the good of all. Full to the brim with the Power of love from on high by that same power not by any merits of that one undeserving creature.

Saturday, December 24, 2016 at 4:59 am

Wow! Did I write that? Yes I did but! Not by my power or might. Even more, not even an inkling or aspiration to take credit for those words. Really? Yes, really. No more that insidious ‘want’ of my carnal self to get that coveted human approval to validate myself. Does that mean I am ‘self-less’? Nay!

Ha! So, that’s the aversion in my heart for the ‘good’ man & woman captivating the hearts & minds nowadays. My friend Pat is good, really ‘good’ not only in her eyes but also in the eyes of her children & friends. As I shared my aversion with Pat she told me, “I am a stench unto your nostrils.” And I said, “Yes! Along with all the ‘saints’ and ‘holy’ ones in the world”

Wow! That conversation took place around 1 am. Pat & I been talking for an hour. We decided to quit & eat. After I ate I headed for bed. I slept from two to five. I woke up so refreshed. I wrote what above is written like taking dictation from the Spirit of our Father/Creator within me. Surprise! Not an inkling of that carnal-self injecting any fear or doubt within me.

Instead, a sense of awe at the Father/Creator’s doings in our lives. Immensity in that awe envelopment me nowadays. A greater awe than watching the sunlit sky with the myriad of twinkling stars. In awe of the immensity of the Father/Creator of the whole Universe and all there is in it including us human beings. What a Mighty Yah I serve!

His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia. (Wonder what will I write next?…)

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