Power Of Love And Wisdom In Our Hearts? How Can That Be?


Unfathomable Wisdom …?

It’s now Monday, February 18, 2019 at 2:22 am.
O my Father—Master of my being! Your wisdom indeed is truly unfathomable, but we human beings take it for granted.

That’s What Is Behind The Tsunami Wave Of The Power Of Our Carnal Selves …

The power of our carnal selves? What is this ‘divine self’? How am I supposed to take the tsunami wave of the power of our carnal selves?

Here Comes The Answer To My Request …

For almost an hour my Master sent me to research this matter of ‘divine self’ to find the answer to my request.

Indeed! I Found That Answer In The Choice Of Words.

Now I understand the blatant misuse of words from the translators of the original ancient Hebrew manuscripts, but! There is a reason behind it all totally out of reach to the human mind.

The Human Mind? Programmed. Bias …?

Programmed to choose by the spiritual traditions of the culture of one’s birth. Such culture? Programmed in the minds of our ancestors.

From the womb we are taught what we should value or not. How we should act or not act. That’s the fact.

How Does The Human React To Such Fact? …

Rebellion! The reason for that rebellion? The blatant misuse of the word ‘Commandment’. There is one thing to be commanded, and? Quite a different thing to be instructed about things for your well-being.

Commanded Or Warned?

What was the original intent of the famous ‘You shall not eat of The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil?

The Almighty intended His warning to keep the humans from harm, but! He gave the humans freedom to choose to listen or not.

Are Warnings ‘Commandments’?

Of course! When there is a disaster predicted? Some people choose to disregard the warning to their own peril. Then again? Some people choose to disregard the warning to wind up as heroes’ survivors. Why?

Simple. It’s The Way The Carnal Nature Rebels …

It’s natural to rebel against anything COMMANDED to us. Ha! Until this moment? I had a hard time with the word, COMMANDMENT.

Now? Absolute Understanding …?

Wow! I remain in awe of Your unfathomable wisdom, my Father! Now I see the thing I had not seen before about this tsunami wave of the power of our carnal selves. Quote:


Some spiritual traditions tell people what they should value and how they should act but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Values, in the way we speak of it here, are freely chosen by YOU. Your true values are not imposed on you from external sources. They come from listening to your heart and tuning in to what matters the most to YOU.

In order to live a life that is true to you, you must be willing to be completely honest with yourself about what you value most in life.

Values are not rules or commandments and they’re best held lightly. They don’t need to become rigid or static. Values may take new forms and change and develop over time.

True Values Are Not Imposed On You From External Sources …

Honest to goodness! What an ‘eye opener’!

I have not been able to figure out the connection/ disconnection with my precious daughter Denise. Denise is obsessed with the finding of her ‘divine self’ to be complete.

She is obsessed with the tsunami wave of the power of the ‘divine selvers’ to change the world by the power of ‘unconditional love’!

Unconditional Love? Far From It …?

All things in this world are ‘conditional’ upon something else at any given point. The use of words is at its best one of the reasons for the colossal confusion and divisiveness in this world.

I Am Not Nor Desire To Be A Scholar, But …

Monday, February 18, 2019 now at 3:48 pm.

I am not a scholar, but I do have enough reading comprehension to discern the use of words, and? When in doubt? I consult the dictionary.

So? What’s This Obsession With ‘Unconditional Love’ …?

The truth? The fact? Despite my own and all human’s ideas, opinions, educated guesses, mindfulness, wisdom, and what have you? Despite it all!

What’s The Fact? …

What’s The Truth About The Tsunami Wave Of ‘Divine Self’ And ‘Unconditional Love. The fact and truth are?

The firmly ingrained program in the human mind …?

The firmly ingrained program in the human mind to become God in complete control of one’s life and the life of others. Who can deny it?

So? Let Me State Things With Me As They Are …?

My life has been one dramatic life of ups and downs, but these last days for me? Gruesome is the word. Even so? For a couple of days things easy up on me—back to my what I could call ‘normal’ self. Then?

Last night? Today?

Back to pain and discomfort valley of death. On top of that? The gas ran out. No heat. The cold worsen my painful discomfort.

What did I do? I exploded in anger! I said,

“What is wrong? Why am I suffering? Why none of Your promises to me are materializing? Why the lack of help? Why the lack of money while others are enjoying the superabundance of life without You?

And why are You silent? I am tired of this ups and downs of my daily life. Am I in the wrong side of Your will? And You knew how I was to explode! And I know You do not count my explosion against me.

So be it. For whatever reason? I do not know why things are the way they are, but! I remain Your bond servant. I wait on You.”


Monday, February 18, 2019 now at 5:00 pm. Will try to sleep. It’s now Monday, February 18, 2019 at 12:00 am.

Wow! Exactly the end of this not so pleasant day. What does it mean?

Perhaps it’s the end of my miserable accounts of what You tell me in the dark.

What You tell in the dark I MUST tell in the light; and what I hear You whispered in the ear, I MUST proclaim upon the housetops.

I MUST Write And Publish And Optimize In That Order. You MUST Do The Rest …?

Indeed! My Father! This day You have brought me to a halt. No need to rehash the blatant arrogance of mankind.

What Is It That You Tell Me In The Darkest Moments Of My Life? …

“Go read the headlines. Go listen to the videos. What do you see? What do you hear? Is it not the abominations in force by the power of the human mind?”

Unconditional Love. Divine Self. Poly Anna Relationships. Homosexuals. Lesbians. Transvestites. Religious Zealots And Worse …?

Worse? The silent religious minority in shock, but!

  • Business as usual.
  • Don’t think about it.
  • Let them go to hell!
  • God loves me.
  • God sees my heart.
  • I’m born again.
  • I’m OK.

Really? Read Romans 1 and 2.

What About thiaBasilia, My Father? …

O my Father! Who am I to question You?

  • So what if I don’t understand You?
  • So what if I don’t understand the horror of Yahushua’s crucifixion?
  • So what if I don’t understand the horror of the burning of Your messengers?
  • So what if I don’t understand my pain and suffering?
  • So what if I don’t understand poverty and lack and pain and suffering of humankind?
  • So what if I don’t understand the monstrous reality of the corruption and confusion going on from day one of Your creation?

You Are In Control Of It All, And You Tell Me …?

“Just a little while longer, My child. Let be. Be still. Do not worry no matter what you feel or think or do at this crucial point of your journey in My Presence. I am in control of it all.

Rejoice and be glad. Just like it happened to My servant Job? Your latter years shall be more than your beginning. Way over, beyond your imagination I will restore to you and to Ahmad your health and your wealth. (Job 42:7-8)

Who Am I To Question Your Words To Me? Preposterous, But! …

O my Loving Father! I am Your thiaBasilia—a child of Your heart. You chose to love me so. Your choosing. You chose me. I did not choose You. Wow!

No Need To Worry About My Questioning …?

By the same token? No need to worry about the questioning and doings of Your people. You are very explicit to me. Quote:

Do not worry no matter what you feel or think or do at this crucial point of your journey in My Presence. I am in control of it all.

It’s Not About Our Doings. It’s All About Your Unfathomable Wisdom And Love For Us …

Wow! What a relief! Midnight? The end of yesterday? The end of my momentary affliction of fear and doubt. Life & Strength to go on and on.

All Power Belongs To You—Your Power Of Love And Wisdom …?

I am going on, joyfully singing and dancing in Your Presence no matter what? I’m going to let my little light shine by the power of Your love and wisdom not by frail human power.

By Frail Human Power? Easily Led Astray; Morally Weak …?

Phew! What a powerful message to go forth in this post! End of this day’s lesson. Class dismiss on the midnight of yesterday.

On To A New Day.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 at 1:46 am.

New day. My TODAY. My ears are unplugged. The blind off my eyes. I now hear Your lovely voice. I now see the reality of Your Presence within and all around me.

Yes! I Do Need The Human Element …?

My Heavenly Father has decreed such need. We need each other, but! I do not need to place the human element ahead of my Father. Likewise?

Neither I Need To Place The Physical Ahead Of Him.

It’s not about food—drink—physical comfort—or the likes. It’s all about His Fatherhood.

It’s all about The Plan Of Restoration To The Original Intent For Our Creation—Loved To Love—His Family Restoration.

Amen! His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia.

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