Mental Health. Innovative Approach Shrilling Cry For Attention Part 1

A Message to Impact the World of Insanity. Part 1

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …
Wednesday, October 19, 2016 at 1:31 pm
The year was 1962. I was expecting my second baby. I cannot remember for what reason I visited the Mental Health Clinic. But I distinctly remember the young social worker taking an account of the reason for my visit. I remember her words, “You need chemical therapy.” For whatever reason I did not consent to such therapy, perhaps out of not having a clue about what she was talking about.

The years came & went with strong and high waves of trouble that led me to my first divorce around 1969. At that time, I was a devout Catholic; in the Catholic Church in those days divorce was not allowed. If one went through a divorce one was forbidden to participate in the rituals of the Church. So, when I divorced my first husband I also divorced my Creator and all that had to do with my Creator.

In my Catholic mind, if the Church rejected me so did my Creator and I destined to hell fires. Thus I decided to fling away all decent moral principles and live it up! For nearly 3 years clad with the hoofs of rebellion I lived in the gutter of sinful living until such a living became so disgusting that I decided to pick myself up and start over again.

Eventually, I met the man that became my second husband. This union drove to me to mental insanity as per say. The pressure was so great that my mind snapped and I was taken to the mental hospital. The first breakdown. The beginning of the chemical therapy. The year was 1974.

Ten years went by along with a second divorce and a second mental breakdown in 1985. In spite of that breakdown, 1985 was the year of my deliverance. All of that is covered in detail in Overcoming Supernaturally.

This record is only a summary to give an account of my experience with the Mental Health Institution. From 1985 to 1995—10 yeas lapse. Electric shock treatments took place in that 1995. Five treatments. My mind at the point of annihilation. My oldest daughter to the rescue. She fired the Psychiatrist! Immediate transfer to a another institution to rehabilitate yours truly.

The year was 1995. Two or three weeks in rehab from electric shocks. Back home alone with my computer. A bunch of pills in the palm of my hand. My cry went on high, “Father, why You do not heal me?” His answer came clear, “My grace is sufficient unto you.” “If Your grace is sufficient unto me why do I have to take all of these pills?” Silence.

Then, a second voice came to my ears. “If it wasn’t for my grace you wouldn’t have those pills to take.”

Ah! I said to myself, these pills are expensive but, they cost me nothing and, I bit the hook as I down the mess of pills with a “Thanks my Father!”

Thursday, October 20, 2016 at 6:37 am
Twelve long years went by this time. The year was 2007. May of 2007 to be exact. I dropped to the floor unconscious. My neighbor happened by. Next thing the eerie sound of the ambulance brings me back to consciousness. The paramedics have a time calming me down. We arrived at the Emergency room. They down the stretcher and delivered me to the Emergency workers.

The emergency doctors quickly administer the solution needed to restore yours truly. They admit yours truly to stay in hospital. The weekend doctor makes his presence. He checks my chart. He questions me, “Who put you in the no salt diet?” “Your partner,” I answered. Silence. “Your sodium was fatally low but, is OK now.” He said and left me to my own wondering.

Do not remember how many days I stay at the hospital at that time. My beloved neighbor, Wilma was the only one helping me. No sign of any of my children. I do remember that it was Mother’s Day. My daughter living closest to me makes her appearance at last. They discharged yours truly. Back home alone again.

I received a call from my youngest daughter. She had searched Google for my symptoms. She informs me. The symptoms of low sodium are the same as the ones for high sodium. WHAT? I had been misdiagnosed for all those years! First thing, I quit the Lasix water pills I have been inhaling for such a long time. I began to salt my foods. Then I got info on how to detox my body and put it to practice. Immediately huge improvement in my health.

Four months later? WOW! It was a Saturday on September 15, 2007. I was keeping the 7th Day of Rest all by my lonesome. I was reading an article written by Yedidah on Daniel 8. Suddenly! It came to me something to this effect, “Such is the message I have given to you to proclaim to the world. You are no longer doing so. You cannot hear Me any longer because, you are too busy taking care of the home bound. Because your spirit is sleeping and your mind is dull with all those pills that you are taking.”

Immediately, I got up. I headed to the kitchen. I grabbed my pill big box. I headed to the toilet. I proceeded to flush nearly $1000.00 of prescription drugs I have been faithfully swallowing for that many years. I came back to the computer. I wrote a resignation letter to my position as a volunteer in the Senior Companion Program. I picked up the phone and cancelled all appointments with 5 specialists in-charged of my health. I made a note to prepare to sell my Kia Sophia.

Then I dropped the bomb on my children. “You are insane!” some of them retorted and quit their mom. They had had enough of my crazy whims and mental insanity but, this was not insanity nor a whim after all. Years later it has proven it not to be so.

To conclude, for the record, it is now Thursday, October 20, 2016. Tomorrow will mark 30 years since October 21, 1986. That is another remarkable date in my journey of life in the Presence of my Father/Creator. That was the date when Father marked me as a writer to honor His name.

The honor of our Father/Creator’s name. what does that mean? A mouth full of misunderstanding but, not outside of the Father/Creator’s control & dominion & knowledge. His wisdom is unfathomable. That will be the subject for subsequent posts on this line. Why?

What the honor of the Father/Creator’s name got to do with mental insanity? The answer to that question gives way to the Innovative Approach to Mental Health that needs to be proclaim to the whole world if there is to be any hope to restore our sanity to avail us for eternity.
His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia.

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