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Hello ye all, here I am with a long post again! Hope you be inclined to read it all and make sense of it. 🙂

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …
Sunday, September 11, 2016 at 11:39 am – Monday, September 12, 2016 at 10:30 am
A somber anniversary for the USA. O my Father—O Father of mine, my days are passing on with an alarming speed. I can hardly keep up. Also, following Your inspiration, I continuously change my ideas of what I think I am supposed to do. Ah! I just now see it, O my Father—O Father of mine! This is what it means to flow with Your Spirit rather than stagnate in my own ideas & interpretations of what I am supposed to do.

So? That’s the reason why You are so opposed to rituals and man-made rules & regulations. That’s why Yahushua said,
Matthew 22:36-40
Teacher, which kind of commandment is great and important (the principal kind) in the Law? [Some commandments are light–which are heavy?]
And He replied to him, You shall love the Master your Creator with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind (intellect). [Deu_6:5]
This is the great (most important, principal) and first commandment.
And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as [you do] yourself. [Lev_19:18]
These two commandments sum up and upon them depend all the Law and the Prophets.

WOW! I can’t begin to record the immensity of understanding You are gifting to me at this precise moment when I needed it the most. Right now, all things are becoming crystal clear to me. Number one thing in my mind here lately? Why some people succeed and others fail? I have been observing this matter for a long time. Now I understand.

It all has to do with the great (most important, principal) and first commandment, and the second liken to the first.
Ha! Now I see. Most of us, including myself, want to succeed at whatever we do. Even in taking care of our homes we try to do the best. Thus, we follow the successful leaders and submit to imitate all their doings. Of course, we inject our own creative ideas and sometimes, bang! Success! But, most of the time, bang! Success! Will just not process!

Failure knocks at our doors. Sometimes we open the door to it, we sit, we lament and in torment, failure becomes to be permanent. Other times? NO! GO AWAY! GET OUT OF MY WAY! We shut the door to failure. We dust ourselves. We try another approach. Do we fail again? Repeat. Repeat. Repeat! At the end? Who knows? Maybe we make it. Maybe we don’t. Either way? Let’s face it. What do we have at the end? The same end for the successful as for the unsuccessful—the brown ground we are all bound.

Even so, hope, there is always hope. All things are working fine for me as our Father/Creator is empowering me to keep the great (most important, principal) and first commandment. And a second liken to the first: You shall love your neighbor as [you do] yourself. By the same token, all things shall begin to work for good for all of our Father/Creator as He is teaching us, rather, empowering us to understand His written words—the Scriptures.

DISCOVER! The Scriptures are not a religion. Neither is our Creator a religion or into religion as it is generally accepted.

The Scriptures Are Recorded For Examples Unto Us Of Our Will Against Our Creator’s Will! They Are a letter from our Father/Creator to His beloved chosen children scattered all over the world among many religions or non-religious groups. The purpose of our Father/Creator is for us to learn His Ways as He reveals Himself to us through the Scriptures!

Nothing, Absolutely Nothing Is As It Seems To Be or as we have learned up to this point of time. That is what Yours truly discovered in the course of almost seven years of experiencing the reality of the Loving Father who created us to love and be loved in return.

Those have been seven hard years without the comfort of my family and friends and even the bare necessities to live on. Seven years of trials & tribulations in all aspects of daily life under the duress of rejection & lack of understanding in all sides. Seven years of persecution. Rejected, spit on, beaten, despairing to almost death. YET, enjoying the magnificent Presence of the Loving Father Creator manifesting Himself in the written words like no human had ever come close to infuse into my being.

Indeed! Don’t think of me as religious because I quote my Loving Father. I quote my Father not just words written and read and studied and analyzed and dissected by all mighty scholars as by the regular religious person to no avail. I know it. For I lived my life among the best of religious and good people.

I was one of them to no avail until the due time came to discover the truth about the Scriptures. Now? I understand. My trials and tribulations because of the lack of understanding in my side and the other sides is over. I can now make sense of all things whether pleasant or unpleasant. Father is in control of it all. I have nothing to worry about. I am, in actuality, liken to a five-year-old child totally dependent of the Loving Father who takes care of me regardless anything He allows in my daily life.

In addition, I rejoice because I know that the Almighty Father and Creator of our beings is using these writings of mine to reach so many souls far beyond my imagination to count. Indeed, hope, there is always hope. The power of love from on high is descending on these earthly grounds big time. May you partake of such power and overcome this world of trials & tribulations for all without exception.

His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia.

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