27 Mar 2015

The Joy And Peace And Wellbeing Of The Soul Flourish In The Waters Of Affliction! Read On…

From My Presence in My beloved Thia’s journal—A dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/ Yahushua!

From His Presence let my voice resound in the waves of the Internet from one end of the earth to the other! thia/Basilia–Webmaster.

Friday, March 27, 2015 at 5:56 pm
I grieve because all the laughter, the beauty, the good & loving hearts full to the brim with what is seemingly wholesome & good customs & practices of this world have no eternal value.
On the contrary, those who laugh now shall cry later as it is written. But mainly the laughter, the beauty, the good & loving hearts full to the brim with what is seemingly wholesome & good customs & practices in the society of mankind are mostly to please the flesh.
The joy and peace and wellbeing of the soul flourish in the waters of affliction. But that is not talking about self-pity or self-abasement in a false state of humility.
On the contrary the waters of affliction tempers & strengthens the character to overcome and gain the victory over all the miseries as well as all the seemingly good & beautiful conditions that this world can deal to us to destroy our witness for Yahushua.
Read the famous Sermon of the Mountains in Matthew 5-7 and you will have a confirmation for my statement.
Thia/Basilia did not author Matthew 10 much less the Sermon of the Mountains but the Almighty Spirit of our Creator has written both in her heart to live by them.
Likewise the Almighty Spirit of our Creator is able & willing to write it all in anyone’s heart just for the asking!
This is not any agenda of my own. I am not a stalker. But all, not just myself, claimers to love & worship a Creator generally called ‘God’ are called & commanded to testify or to tell others about His Presence in one’s heart.
Of course, only very few take the written words by the finger of the Spirit of the Creator seriously. But it’s written,

Acts 1:6-9
So when they were assembled, they asked Him, Master, is this the time when You will reestablish the kingdom and restore it to Israel?
He said to them, It is not for you to become acquainted with and know what time brings the things and events of time and their definite periods or fixed years and seasons (their critical niche in time), which the Father has appointed (fixed and reserved) by His own choice and authority and personal power.
But you shall receive power (ability, efficiency, and might) when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be My witnesses in Jerusalem and all Judea and Samaria and to the ends (the very bounds) of the earth.
And when He had said this, even as they were looking at Him, He was caught up, and a cloud received and carried Him away out of their sight.

Here is a link to the complete booklet: I Made My Choice I Chose To Follow Yahushua. No Regrets!
He who can hear, let him listen to and heed what the Spirit says to each one of Father Yah’s children.
His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

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